Just thought y’all should know that it took everything in me to resist the temptation of making the title of this post into a crude pun. You’re welcome.

U-Kiss is set to drop their second Japanese album on July 28th. In anticipation for this new major release, the PV for the album’s title song “Inside of Me” was also released today. Check it out below:

I’d never thought I’d say this about any K-pop idol group, let alone U-Kiss, but U-Kiss is probably one of the only groups that I like solely for their music. “Inside of Me” is no exception; it has a great pop beat and proves compelling without laying on too much drama. Sure, it could’ve stood to be about two minutes and 12 rap breaks shorter, but as far as solid, serious, grown-up pop is concerned, it’s got the right idea.

As a song, “Inside of Me” is good — but to be honest, I’m starting to get a little bored with knowing that U-Kiss’ material is just “good” and not much else. In many ways, post-2010 U-Kiss has done a great job of doing everything that I essentially could ever want from a K-pop boy group. And they’ve done it again. And again. And again. U-Kiss’ approach to their material over the past three years has been undeniably solid and even-handed, but frustratingly safe and risk-averse. Case in point: there was a time in K-pop fangirl history when almost every K-pop fangirl wanted nothing more than their choice boy group to wear suits. U-Kiss has done suits for nine of their last 12 singles.

I know, I know — U-Kiss singing good music in suits is the biggest tragedy of all time and I’m already crying myself a river. In a K-pop world where “taking risks” often ends in irreparable, glitter eyeshadow-stained disaster, the banality of U-Kiss’ approaches seems like an act of much-needed mercy, at least for the fans. But even as a big fan of U-Kiss’ consistent sound and image over the past three years, I felt absolutely nothing while listening to “Inside of Me.” The song delivers exactly what I’ve come to expect from U-Kiss — but I’m beginning to question whether or not this is actually a good thing.

But hey — good music is good music, right? “Inside of Me” is a solid song in its own right, with a well-composed PV to boot. What are your thoughts, readers?

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