This week was another good week to keep a look out for comebacks, with f(x) and Beast dropping new songs, as well as some personal favourites in the midst of, or getting started with a promotional cycle.

Here are some performances I found worthy for the week.

Ailee’s “You & I”, MNet’s M!Countdown, 25th July 2013


I am liking the song’s slightly old school attitude, from the heavy use of horns to the diva-ish belting that opens the song. That Ailee has enough vocal chops to pull it off only serves to seal the deal, and props to her for not letting the song turn into a screaming mess.


Infinite’s “Destiny”, Mnet’s M!Countdown, 25th July 2013


This song is Infinite as we know it, and in other ways, maybe not. I am liking this harder-edged, slightly rougher new sound. While some might prefer the older, more 80s synthesiser styled tunes, change is not always a bad thing, and its proof Infinite are as versatile as guy groups get.


A Pink’s “No No No”, KBS2’s Music Bank, 26th July 2013


While I might be of the opinion that A Pink is far from the perfect girl group, its with songs like these they successfully play up their strengths and cover their weaknesses. The melody is pleasant, the vocal parts are well sung, and the whole thing is easy on the eye, what’s there not to like?


Beast’s “I’m Sorry” and “Shadow”, KBS2’s Music Bank, 26th July 2013


Beast are back, and its certainly been worth the wait. The songs tend to follow the Beast mold of being well produced enough to be enjoyable, and yet give the guys enough breathing space to impress whether individually or as a whole.


Sunny Hill’s “Darling of All Hearts”, KBS2’s Music Bank, 26th July 2013


While I do feel a bit sad that a song I liked did not enjoy such a good run on the charts, at least they did go with a promotional cycle long enough for me to have one last listen of this song live. In this day where most girl group songs seem to have been created entirely out of electronic elements or computers, its nice to have a song built entirely out of instruments.

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