This week, we’ve got a lot going on! From new rookies like BTS shaking things up with their ’96 line chocolate abs and older rookies like Exo finally taking home their first music show win, the K-pop scene is thriving in this summer heat. Comebacks in the works include Nell, Rainbow, After School, and MBLAQ, while 2PM and Shinhwa made their goodbye stages. Here are this week’s round-up of our faves!

130615 Immortal Song 2, MBLAQ, “If You Come Into My Heart”


It’s not everyday we get to hear our idol loves go unplugged (or, almost unplugged), so I never pass up an opportunity when it stops by. Because MBLAQ are often better known for their stage performance, many forget that these are idols that can actually sing (and pretty damn well too!). For this cover of “If You Come Into My Heart,” MBLAQ channels their maturity and strength for a soulful number.

130615 Music Core, SISTAR, “Give It To Me”


SISTAR has come a long way since they struggled through “Push, Push” on their route to the top. I’m totally in love with the clean choreography for “Give It To Me,” as well as how it channels a very ‘cirque de SISTAR’ type of vibe with the props and the wardrobe. I personally can never get enough of the golden goddess Hyorin, so I love to see SISTAR back in action.

130614 Music Bank, BTS, “We Are Bulletproof” and “No More Dream”


Lord knows bad boys, and even conceptual ‘bad boys,’ are my weakness. Make them all rappers, put them in black on black, chisel out some chocolate, and you might as well be digging my grave. Bang Tan School, also going by BTS, is killing it with their high energy and eye catching debut. Be sure to check these  kids out — but careful, some of them are jailbait!

130614 Music Bank, Nell, “Ocean of Light”


Want to know we why we love Nell? Just click play. You’ll only need about a second.

130614 Music Bank, Exo, “Wolf” (includes waiting room interview, live stage, win, encore, and man tears)


Also memorable this week was Exo’s first win for their comeback title, “Wolf.” Alpha wolf Suho broke down after the team took away the win, making for a touching moment for Exo and their fans alike! Congrats boys! I’ll keep it short and leave the glory to the video.

And that’s a wrap for this week! Tell us what you loved and what you didn’t, and who you want to see more of!