That’s right! As per papa YG‘s official statement on YG Life, 2NE1 will be releasing one new track each month from July to October, and will cash in the rest of the year with a slick mini-album. Here’s a clip from the YG Life website, where YG addresses the big questions:


And this all sounds fine and dandy, but I suppose my question is why not just release the whole thing as a summer album and release the mini via repackage in mid-fall? Well, whatever, I’m not YG HR, so I can’t change anything about that now; I guess all I can really say now is, Blackjacks, are you ready?

According to the statement, 2NE1 will be channeling the reggae genre for their first song “Falling in Love,” which both concerns and excites me. It concerns me because YG loves to be all about the lyfe when they are actually the furthest thing from it. But it excites me because reggae is a really fun spin for summer. So let’s just hope things pan out for the better.

What are you thoughts on this 2NE1 summer extravaganza?

(YG Life)