20130411_psy_gentlemanThings picked up again in the second week of April as there were a bunch of come backs including one of the most anticipated… PSY’s follow up to  “Gangnam Style,” with “Gentleman.” The song is not as catchy as “Gangnam Style,” but I’m thinking a good MV can make it a big hit, too. There was also the debut of a highly anticipated new drama, more scandals, and more of your favorite male celebrities leaving for their military service–scary time to enlist with tensions in the North the way they are.

Here’s your Week in Review of some of the events that happened the past week in Korean Entertainment  in case you missed some of it because of you know… life.

With Laughter:

  • Seo In-guk came back with “With Laughter or With Tears” and the MV stars actress Goo Hye-sun who also gave him a song for his album, Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in sang a duet with Birth of a Great Star contestant Hyung-woo called “Brunch,” Double K, winner of Show Me the Money, releases the MV for “Rap Movement,” M.I.B. wants everyone to “Nod Along” to their come back, BTOB released their “2nd Confession,” G.Na released “Mind Sync” featuring Huh Gak, and Zion T released his album Red Light and the MV for the title track “Babay” which features Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko and was arranged by Primary.

  • Jay Park returned to his home turf to film the MV of his latest song “JOAH.” This just might be my fave Jay Park song and the MV is cute, too.

  • Actor Lee Min-ki released the MV for his cover of K-indie band Gangneung Hotel‘s song “Everything.” The MV was a gift to fans from Lee Min-ki and the director of his latest film The Temperature of Romance, No Deok. They had promised that if the movie had a good attendance Lee Min-ki would sing a song and No Deok would cut scenes from the film for the MV that would show more of the story.  The film’s attendance has already reached over 1.7 million.
  • As for K-pop in Japan: MBLAQ released the Japanese version of “Mona Lisa,” SNSD released a short PV for “Beep Beep,” and so in LOVE with C.N. Blue‘s latest Japanese release “Blind Love.”  The song and MV are just perfect… or is that just my blind adoration for the band?  You decide for yourself.


  • Lee Seung-gi and Suzy‘s new sageuk K-drama, Gu Family Book, premiered this week at #1 for its time slot. Even though our leads didn’t appear in the first two episodes as it set up the tragic love story of Lee Seung-gi’ s character Choi Kang-chi‘s parents, it was still a great debut.  The storytelling was well done and the show beautifully shot. (NewsPIM)


With Tears:

  • Super Junior‘s Yesung announced that he will enter his two years of compulsory military service on May 6th at the Jeonbuk Jeonju 35th Training Center. He will serve as a public service worker after completing four weeks of basic training. It’s a disappointment for South American fans as he will miss Super Show 5 concerts in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru starting April 21st due to his impending enlistment.
  • Former Roo’Ra member Ko Young-wook was sentenced to 5 years in prison, 7 years on the sex offender registry and 10 years of wearing an electronic anklet for illicit sex and harrassment with three minors.  He will be appealing the sentence to a higher court. (MWave)
  • 20130412_seoulbeats_kwangheesunhwaLooks like the fairy tale is over for actor/singer Ryu Shi-won.  He is currently in divorce and child custody proceeding with his soon to be ex-wife and his wife has charged him with terroristic threatening and stalking.  She claims that he secretly placed a GPS device on her vehicle to monitor her movements and that he has been threatening her life. He claims she’s just after his money. (MBN)
  • Looks like the rumors were true after all–ZE:A‘s Kwanghee and Secret‘s Sunhwa will be leaving We Got Married after 8 months of virtual wedded bliss.  They are currently my fave couple on the show and it’s gonna be sad to see them go–especially since I don’t really like the other couples yet. (OSEN)


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