Happy April Fool’s day to all our readers! Unfortunately, we didn’t have any tricks up our sleeve for you this year, but please enjoy this review of the morning’s articles, which were mostly reviews themselves. Okay, they were all reviews, not sure why:


Subi reviewed Siwon‘s twitter, to predictable results: Siwon’s undying optimism proved to be too much for our cynical sweetheart; the only plus point was his use of English, but that only left Subi with the compelling urge to give him a grammar lesson or two.

Following this was Nabeela‘s look at another social media account, that of 2NE1‘s leader CL. It turns out the leader has a very professional set-up with a YG intern taking all her photos; a move which may cause people to complain a lack of authenticity, but is in fact genius, for it allows CL extra time to find unique items of culture to photograph, like shoes.

Ambika’s review of Super Junior‘s abs was much welcomed, especially as it was shaped around the original 13 members. However, I was disappointed with the dismissal of Shindong, who has really been working out — it was obvious that the author was biased towards Kyuhyun, going to great lengths to find that shirtless photo — I didn’t even know that photoshoot existed! (Maybe there’s one like that for Onew…) but ignoring the many shots that are available of a shirtless Shindong. Ambika, I am very disappointed.

20130128_seoulbeats_snsd_taeyeonSNSD‘s quest to be recognised as artists was studied by Lindsay through the lens of their selcas. Though Lindsay noted that Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany were making significant progress in the art of self-photography, there was little mention of the other SNSD members, which I found odd. Perhaps they were lacking? It would be terrible to see the nonet drift apart because of this, especially because TaeTiSeo would no longer be together. As a main vocalist herself, Jessica would be a suitable replacement, but would her vocal colour match well for the songs on Twinkle? Perhaps TaeJeTi could drop a new mini-album…

Nabeela appears again to continue the now-popular abs in review series with B.A.P leader Bang Yong-guk. However, she seemed less than impressed with wht Yong-guk has to offer, and though I wasn’t there in person to see the ab reveal — thereby making watching the fancam futile, because what’s the point if you hadn’t seen it live beforehand? — I will blindly agree to every word Nabeela says for no other reason than that we both write articles for the same K-pop editorial website.

And finally, we have Ambika again with a review of SHINee‘s encore stage antics. It is a well written article; however, the wording greatly troubles me, with the SM boy band’s post-credit activities phrased as an “invasion;” the word “invasion” carries with it strong negative connotations, none of which are shown in SHINee’s possessive trophy-kissing and aggressive limelight-hogging. Ambika calls herself a SHINee fan, but as we can see from this “review,” she is nothing more than an anti.

What did you think of these reviews, readers?

(Twitter, SM Entertainment)