Welcome to our new segment, For Your Viewing Pleasure. A lot of you guys have been commenting for a while about how you’d like to see more photoshoots covered on the site, and there are so just so many good K-pop photos out there that we can’t possibly touch on them on, so this segment will be some photos that have popped up in the K-blogsophere that we thought were worthy of sharing. Enjoy the eyecandy!

Ever since Gentleman’s Dignity, I’ve had my eyes on Lee Jong-hyun.  Looking forward to CN Blue’s comeback (January 14)!

Despite mixed reviews about their music, no one will deny that the SNSD ladies always look impeccable in front of the camera.

Do you remember Shing Dong-wook from Soulmate?  Fearing that he is already forgotten because he’s suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), he wrote a note to ask us to remember him.

Oh Ji-eun (King of Dramas) looks lovely in her latest photo-shoot.

Uhm Tae-woong: Hitched!

Looks like Jang Woo-hyuk is enjoying his life after H.O.T.  

(Images via Sidus, Louvre)