For most drama viewers, the songs playing in the background are as much a part of the experience as what is showing on the screen. Hence it has come as no surprise that some of the more memorable K-drama scenes have been paired to some fine music.

For one, there are those Hyun Bin feels that come in when this song plays, and how the lyrics tied in to his character changes.

Then there are those stirring instrumentals commonly used in fusion saeguks/thrillers, as the protagonist gets ready for the next move.

And who can forget this one, which became a rousing call for dream chasing and not giving up?

Then there are those songs which just work there way into pop culture lexicon. This for example is now just short hand for cool guys walking into a venue.

Sadly there are some songs which just fell by the wayside, and were largely ignored after the drama ended its run. While most songs could be said as not being worth listening beyond the drama, there were others that were ignored only because the show was not worth watching. Hence, here are a few OSTs which are worth bypassing the drama for and giving a listen.

First on the list would have to be “It’s Love” which was SNSD’s Sunny and Taeyeon contribution to Heading To The Ground. While there was little merit to the drama, ranging from the hackneyed plot to Yunho (and Go Ara’s) frankly miserable acting skills, the song was still worth hearing. While Taeyeon rarely disappoints, what was more surprising was Sunny’s nice tone and vocal control, as well as how good she sounds singing in a range which really suits her. Add to that a pleasant melody, and this is one song that does not require the drama to enjoy.

If time refunds were an option in life, it would be certain many would be forming orderly lines outside the Fashion King production house. The drama itself was plagued by a hopelessly meandering and nonsensical plot, together with an ending that pleased no one. However one saving grace of the drama was a pretty nice ballad by K-Heart. While not much information could be found about the singer, or that the name could be a front for another known singer, the song titled “Standstill” was a decent listen, if for its slightly unconventional composition style for a ballad and the nice vocals. In fact, if this singer were a rookie, she would be worth keeping a lookout for in the future.

As a “alternative take” to the love triangle shown in the SBS hit You’re Beautiful, Heartstrings did have a lot going for it, especially since half the original cast were back for it and the plot promised to be the ultimatum in fan service. Sadly, the show never really did live up to the promise, partly due to the weak acting and the plot seemed to meander to its predictable ending. Happily for music lovers, with C.N. Blue’s Jung Yonghwa contributing part of the soundtrack, some reasonable tunes were to be expected from the show. With a chipper guitar track, lifting vocals and a overall feel that could pass for a C.N. Blue single, this again is a song that deserves a life beyond the drama it was for.

Given that it was a cover of a known hit, Dream High 2’s use of Clazziquai’s “Romeo & Juliet” might be an oddball choice in this group, but it is still worth a mention. While the drama could certainly be accused of having a muddled direction and gaping plot holes, as well as annoyingly overusing K-pop in the first few episodes, the show did show some glimpses of its shining past with this song. By having two cast members (2AM’s Jinwoon and T-ara’s Jiyeon) perform the song as a respite to another pair for breaking their hearts, the use of the song suited the plot line well, and also served as a decent showcase for the two’s performance abilities, especially Jiyeon, who did acquit herself well. Who would’ve thought her voice suited the song’s feel perfectly?

And there are some OSTs that did not deserve the ignominious fates their dramas got. So Seoulmates, are there any other average dramas that you thought had great soundtracks?

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