In a soft and dreamy studio, wrapped in tulle and silk, f(x)’s beautiful leader, Victoria, channels the femininity and grace associated with ballerinas for Vogue Girl’s September issue. A skilled dancer herself, Victoria’s characterization in this shoot suits her extremely well. Her natural beauty also perfectly suited the concept. She looked excessively beautiful and ethereal with the soft lighting, pale colors, and girly details like scalloped hemlines, tulle skirts, big bows, and bejeweled blouses. Her lost, melancholic expressions fit in with the shoot’s daydream-like atmosphere.

Victoria’s fashion shows clear signs of being inspired by ballet. Her outfits are black, pink, cream, or light grey, made of light fabrics, and have the shape of ballet costumes. Her pointe shoes complete the image of a wistful dancer. In the first photo, we only see Victoria’s head. Like in all the photos, she wears a downcast expression, minimal makeup and shadowing under her eyes to give the impression of pensiveness and innocence. Her outfit cannot fully be seen but the sheer shoulders and sleeves and embroidery on the chest looks lovely. On her head is a scrap of black lace, shredded at the hems. Lace most often equates to femininity but in this instance the lace looks a little silly. In the right-hand photo, Victoria lays sprawled out on the ground. The sunlight shining on her makes seeing her dress difficult but what can be seen looks pretty, shredded fabric making and interesting design. Again, her expression is forlorn, and her stretched limbs and hand to her forehead add to the impression of hopelessness.

In one of the more bizarre photos, Victoria appears to be sniffing a curtain. For once she doesn’t look completely despondent. The quirkiness of the photos shows in several other ways, such as the antlers attached to her frayed headband and her mismatched dress. Her dove-grey dress has bedazzled shoulders, pearls, and plain grey silk. Odd, but lovely, and it matches her sequined headband. Like the other photos, there’s a touch of innocence to Victoria in this photograph, increased by her odd little antlers. In the next photo, her full outfit can be seen. Nude shoes, black socks, cream-colored dress, quilted bag, and furry jacket are the sort of things you’d wear lazing about a studio. Looking asleep, Victoria’s stance is rather awkward: tilted head, closed eyes, and outstretch legs don’t look comfortable or natural at all. Still, her outfit is cute.

Appearing asleep in another photo, Victoria leans back on a wooden chair. She again wears pointe shoes. Her outfit is obstructed by the white cloth tossed over her but looks as girly and soft as the rest of them. Victoria doesn’t look so melancholic in this photo. Her expression and position appear more calm than anything, like she is taking a moment to lean back and ponder or collect her thoughts. Her position doesn’t look comfortable and her lower half looks rather odd. The next photo has four photos of Victoria wearing the same outfit, a poofy black dress and large reddish bow. She looks more innocent and childlike in these photos. I personally would’ve chosen different shoes or even had her go barefoot to complete her youthful look, but that’s just me.

Do you like Victoria’s shoot?

(Images via fx2you)