To go with their newest variety series, Hello BabyB1A4 has stepped up to endorse the clothing brand, Omphalos. The brand is known for its comfortable, casual clothing consisting of graphic tees, stripes, plaid, colorful parkas, and sweaters. With them is an unidentified female model, who shows off the women’s part of the collection. As I observe B1A4 model the preppy clothing, I ask myself: why don’t all boys dress like this?

The setting for the photo shoot is pretty bare: white walls, wooden chairs, books and figurines for props. The setting is minimal enough that it could imply any environment, but the books and flags on the wall indicate a more studious one, going with the boys’ preppy, somewhat studious fashion.

In the first group photo, they wear jeans and sweaters with logos printed on them, bright white sneakers, and plaid shirts. On Sandeul, geeky glasses make his layered outfit all the more adorable. Behind him, Jinyoung wears a plain Stanford sweatshirt, a black collar peeking out. In the front, Baro lounges, looking handsome in his maroon sweater. CNU and Gongchan’s outfits are very simple and without anything note-worthy. In the next photo, the boys wear utility vests and jackets in different colors over graphic tees. Like Sandeul in the previous photo, Gongchan wears an unbottoned plaid shirt over his tee, adding a little more style. The boys are a little awkward as models, but Baro and Jinyoung pose the best in both photos.

This third photo has me fangirling. The boys wear plaid shirts, striped sweaters, and dark blue jeans. They look very preppy and cute. The mixed prints are brought together through the color scheme — the navy-blue stripes on Baro’s sweater matching his the lines on his plaid shirt. The boys’ hair and makeup is very simple but the overall effect is a clean, stylish one. B1A4 looks casual but polished. My favorite outfit would have to be Jinyoung’s. I love the chambray shirt, striped tie, and blue sweater on him.

In the next photo, we only see Baro and Jinyoung with the female model. The model’s yellow pants matches Jinyoung’s jacket and his blue shirt matches her blue jacket, giving the photo some semblance of balance, framing Baro. Baro just wears a green jacket and undone brown boots but he looks cute pulling on his jacket. Jinyoung looks cool leaning against the wall, his hands in his pockets. However, I find the model to be rather stiff.

Only CNU and the model are in this next photo. Bespectacled CNU has half his hair pulled back, wearing a brown jacket, bracelets, grey sweater, and plaid shirt. An easy to put together but stylish look. Next to him, the model wears a similar outfit, and maybe it’s because of her average grey sweater, but it’s less interesting than CNU’s. The last picture has only Jinyoung, CNU, and Baro. Baro looks amazing here, his blond hair, tan skin, and blue-green top making him look better looking than usual. Jinyoung wears a chambray shirt again, this time cuffed around his wrists, which looks a little strange. CNU completes his preppy look with a book and yet another sweater tied over his shoulders.

B1A4 definitely looks their best for this promotion, but do they make you want to buy some Omphalos clothing?