Even though South Korea is right in the middle of the dog days of summer, fall will be here before you know it. InStyle magazine used one of this summer’s hottest K-pop stars, Yubin of the Wonder Girls, to show off some of the upcoming season’s hottest trends from top designers as well as the more affordable H & M lookbook. In this shoot they utilized crazy bold prints, tons of sequins and some intricately embroidered brocade pieces to show off a variety of Fall 2012 styles. Perhaps this pictorial is best summarized by the first shot. Yubin wears a mash-up of patterns between her blouse, blazer and scarf that is, believe or not, a combination straight from the Miu Miu runway. Pair all of that with a green sequined mini from H&M and we know we are in for a wild ride on this shoot.

Things suddenly look up by the next ensemble though. A beaded bodysuit from Korean brand G-cut shows off the rapper’s flawless figure. Glittery open-toed heels from Suecomma Bonnie and H&M jewelry complete this perfect look. Yubin’s next top makes one wonder if some designers even intend for their creations to be worn, because this sheer, lacy, cross-stitched monstrosity from Dolce & Gabbana probably shouldn’t be. You have to give this Wonder Girl credit though, because she almost pulls it off. The golden shorts are a nice complement to the opulent vibe the shirt is trying to exude.


A few items from past seasons pop up in this shoot, too. A silver lamé dress from Roberto Cavalli‘s youth-aimed Just Cavalli line is covered in a ruffle-sleeved bolero motorcycle jacket from Junya Watanabe‘s 2012 Spring collection. This pairing isn’t all that bad, but it almost looks like she rushed over from the “Like Money” MV set and threw on the first jacket she could grab. She probably should have covered up the next dress instead though, because Marc Jacobs went absolutely insane with sequins on this gown, complete with a rosette collar.


Next up is proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your entire wardrobe to look fabulous; you just need to save up enough for one piece of Balmain and you’re set! Yubin wears a beaded leather jacket that would make a trash bag look good, but she opts for a cropped corset top and crumpled gold mini-skirt from H & M. Finally, Yubin looks like she is having a great time in the sparkling navy jacket paired with white shorts. The multi-strand necklace is a great match.


Which one of Fall’s trends are you looking forward to this year? Do you think Yubin pulled off all these looks?