Ballet is a sport of contrasts: delicate and graceful, difficult and powerful. It is a dance that requires diligence devotion, and perfection, pushing dancers’ bodies to their absolute limits. Yet ballet is most often associated with beauty, femininity, and grace, symbolized with satiny pointe shoes, starched tulle skirts, and pallid colors. For her photo shoot for Sure magazine, actress Yoon Seung-ah dressed as a ballerina.

Best known for her roles in The Moon That Embraces the Sun and her most recent drama, Panda and Hedgehog, Seung-ah is a twenty-eight-year-old actress that began her career as a model. After modeling for a variety of magazines, she turned her attentions to acting and landed supporting roles in films and television. Seung-ah received her first lead role in Panda and Hedgehog, opposite of Super Junior’s Donghae. Considering her background in modelling, Seung-ah’s poise in this photo shoot is understandable. For most of the pictures, she looks captivating and natural. Her falling point would be in the third picture, wherein she raises her arms about her head. Perhaps it’s her clothing or maybe Photoshop was the cause, but Seung-ah looks a little more awkward her; something about her chest appears disproportionate.

The styling for this photo shoot is really quite lovely, especially if you’re a lover of soft colors and pretty fabrics. Seung-ah wears white and beige for most of the shoot, wearing a lavender-colored floral top in one picture. The top is the only piece of clothing we can see, and aside from that Seung-ah wears a strange feathered headband. She’s either holding flowers or concealing her mouth with a floral ring, but either way the overall effect the picture has is one of girlishness and demureness. Her smoky eyes and flushed cheeks heighten her femininity. Her makeup stays the same throughout the shoot, as well does her wispy blonde hairstyle. In the next photo, Seung-ah wears a nude outfit, a sheer skirt over a short yellowing skirt, a brown belt accentuating the waist, and a matching top. She also wears pointe shoes and a feathered headband, like in nearly all the photos. Her outfit her is soft and lovely but her next outfit doesn’t look quite so good. A cropped white top, pleated leather skirt, and white tights only makes Seung-ah look like a grown woman trying on too-small clothes.

The setting is the same for all the photos: a plain, washed-out backdrop with various white props allowing Seung-ah to have the full focus of the photo shoot. The pale grey background compliments Seung-ah’s wardrobe wonderfully in this shoot while also giving the impression that she is practicing dance in a spare room. As for her outfits in the last two pictures, they aren’t so bad. She wears a more fancy dress in the first picture, off-white to match her slippers, and looks ethereal, despite her rather awkward position. She looks like she could be stretching but also looks like she reclining as well.  In the last photo, Seung-ah sits atop a ladder and watched the camera. She looks pretty in her pale pink cardigan and large, puffy white skirt, but her hair looks almost grandma-ish. Nevertheless, she looks enchanting.

What do you think of Seung-ah in this photo shoot?

(Via Sure Magazine)