In the latest issue of the magazine 1st Look, SNSD‘s Tiffany stars in a shoot aiming to show off this season’s latest handbags from Korean brand Bean Pole International. The fun part of this pictorial is that not only did they highlight the singer’s normal, feminine charms, but they also did her up in several boyish styles too – she even dons an adorable cropped ‘do! Not only is it a refreshing step away from an obnoxious amount of pink, it speaks to the versatility of the purses she models.


In the first shot, Tiffany shows off her “guy”-style in a striped boyfriend blazer and polka dot tie, which were paired with high-waist jeans. The reddish-orange color of the stripes is what ties the outfit together, with her studded loafers and Bean Pole shoulder bag being in similar hues. She follows that up with a look in the opposite direction. Lacey separates from Carven in the form of a cropped top and skirt emphasize the singer’s milky skin, making the bright pink bag pop.


Tiffany’s less-than-flattering bouffant is pretty much the only thing wrong with the next ensemble. The aqua blue handbag really brings out the floral pattern of her cute Opening Ceremony dress. In contrast, she is next shown in a tomboyish style. Her short-sleeved dress shirt and tie give off a very “school uniform”-like feel, but with original flair from the added accessories. The teal messenger bag is a perfect complement to an academic style.


A blending of masculine and feminine elements make up Tiffany’s look in the next shot. Her sleeveless vest, patterned short suit, bowtie and wingtip Mary Janes all give a nod to menswear influences; the cuts, colors and styles are undeniably ladylike. Coupled with a giant emerald green tote, this combination of great pieces just has too much going on when worn together. Remember that ruffled moto-jacket Yubin just wore? Now Tiffany tries it on for size! The funky bolero looks fabulous with the simple patterned blouse and navy shorts worn by the Girls’ Generation member. The printed Bean Pole purse matches the outfit well. Finally, Tiffany goes girly one last time in a bib-style dress from Carven which she pairs with a lace top underneath. The bold chartreuse piece is worn with a coral bag, making for a vintage feel from this mod color scheme.

What do you think of Tiffany’s latest shoot? Which bag is your favorite?

(1st Look)