• Michelle Ahn

    omg the legs in the last picture..i dont understand how that got editor approving to be pur in the magazine..
    but otherwise, this shoot is adorable! I love the concept and the bright rooms! Fashion’s a bit of a miss with me but I do truly enjoy those blue wedges.
    In the first picture however..what’s with that random dude in the corner hahha.

  • chugrace69

    those legs…

  • Streby

    Its a bit too pink. The concept is fine but her hair should have been kept brown like in that one picture, that way the pink-ness is toned down to comfortable levels. 

  • itsmysunshine

    So, so pink my eyes hurt. Other than that, the clothes are adorable, and Tiffany surely looks like she’s in her dream land or something.

  • lemonoide

    I love the concept too and everything but I just fucking hate Tiffany, she’s just the most annoying human being in the planet I swear I rather watch Jersey Shore than hear her sing or be exposed to her horrid personality, I’m sorry.

  • YourYG Bias

    My childhood come to life. Now if only the head is detachable… because her hair is too damn bright. 

    Her outfits weren’t bad though, the concept is cute.

  • 271828

    Tiffany is so fucking cute >w< Though her facial expressions (i.e. the 'model' ones where her mouth is slightly open and looks stunned) need some work. Overall she's :Q____

  • Miyuki

    I love this photoshoot!! I love pink as well soo~ 

    Though I will say, Tiffany’s not the best at modelling (Sooyoung, Jessica and Taeyeon are the ones that have the talent for it).  
    I think the red hair suited it though^^ Just my opinion~

  • animasaurus

    Why they would choose the girl who is easily and by far the worst model in SNSD to have a full pictorial to herself is baffling to me. The concept is quite cute though…

  • WhoaNellies2

    Photoshopped TOO MUCH
    I clicked on the last photo and her legs blinded me!I thought it was Taeyeon who said her definition of beauty is when the brightness is turned all the way up on her photos

    I only like pictures 1,2,5,6 anything else is going overboard, but she could pull it off because of the whole fashion thinggg and the wholeee popularity thingSure enough if I started strutting the outfit in the second the last photo, I would be a sideshow attraction…

  • Euffie

    I think the them of this boho meets princess meets 80’s, which I think it perfectly accomplishes. Think tiffs hair definitely helps her pull this off.

  • Triinu

    Based on what little I have learned from America’s Next Top Model (lol), it looks like Tiffany is good as posing but really bad at facial expressions. 

    Also, I absolutely love the painfully bright red hair. Since everything about this photo shoot is over the top, it is only fitting that her hair color is, too.