The ladies of After School are back with their hot new track “Flashback,” and they have definitely been rocking a sexy concept this time around. Multi-talented member Uee showed up on the cover of this month’s CeCi Magazine displaying a completely different style from her group’s current image. Some idols can get pigeon-holed into their labels of “sexy queen” or “aegyo master” to the point where one couldn’t imagine them being portrayed any other way, but Uee has always been able to adapt to whatever comes her way from the stage, to the small screen and in the pages of everyone’s favorite fashion magazines. This charming and carefree shoot is just another example of that.

In a pale aqua room, decorated with a variety of vintage items including some cool Coca-Cola memorabilia, Uee stays away from high fashion this time around. She’s styled in funky, casual attire that compliments the kitschy feel of the setting nicely. In the first shot, she looks like the most stylish cheerleader on the squad, Her eyelet-sleeve varsity jacket and white, wedge booties are the standout pieces of this ensemble. Next she sheds the jacket and opts for a full-length tutu-esque skirt instead of shorts to wear with her graphic tee. Not exactly the most wearable outfit in the real world, but she has got K-pop’s hottest accessory — a spiked headband!

Next up, we have Uee perched on a counter in a simple — borderline ho-hum — gray jersey dress. However, the awesome booties are back, and we also get treated with a very candid expression from the star. Her smile seems truly genuine and not just a show for the camera. She then strikes a flirty pose, wearing a metallic pink skirt covered in “x” cutouts. This item is from a collaboration collection between Korean brand LAP and popular actress Gong Hyo-jin, and oddly enough perfectly matches her beverage bottle. But is that KGB Grapefruit Vodka? Where’s the soju?

Between the drinks and the popcorn, there is a real “concession stand” vibe going on in this pictorial, but it is hard to say whether Uee is getting ready to take in a movie or what. She certainly looks ready for an afternoon date in her patchwork top, white trousers and peep-toe pumps. There is something about this style that makes her look like an extra on label-mate Son Dam Bi‘s retro drama Light & Shadow. Finally, Uee has a special guest in her final photo, Park Jung Hyeon, who is a currently a trainee at Pledis. While Uee’s striped top and zip-front dress are definitely fun and fresh, her little dongsaeng definitely steals the fashion spotlight in her black and white striped skirt and plain tank. It’s all in the accessories: the glittery bow is cute and age-appropriate, while the bright pink belt adds a nice pop of color.

What do you think of Uee’s latest magazine feature…and who wants a snack!?

(CeCi Magazine)