SNSD’s Tiffany makes no effort to hide her love of pink. Not only does her personal wardrobe contain a large amount of pink clothing and accessories, but she practically squeals whenever something pink comes into her line of vision. She must’ve been thrilled, then, to see the theme for her most recent photo shoot with CeCi Magazine: pink. Very, very pink. Pink room, pink clothing, pink props, pink male model. In this photo shoot, Tiffany greatly resembled a Barbie doll enjoying her time in her dream house. Taken back when her hair was a red currant hue, her hair color clashes with the pink everything, but aside from that the fashion in this photo shoot is fine, for the most part.

Something about this photo shoot calls to mind birthday parties and Betsey Johnson. The Betsey Johnson vibes are coming from the pastry-like dresses, candy colors, and fun jewelry, while Tiffany lounging about an undersized living room with champagne, presents, and cupcakes speaks of a teenager’s Sweet Sixteen. Nevertheless, the photo shoot has a very fun, feminine feel to it, largely created from Tiffany’s eccentric outfits. In the first picture on the left, we see Tiffany in a form-fitting floral dress, layered over a white lace top, and accessorized with with multiple necklaces and bracelets. If it weren’t for the brown beret pinned to her bedhead hairstyle and her expression, Tiffany would look like a pin-up model. The weaved beret throws off the outfit completely, better resembling a pancake than yet another girly accessory. In the second picture on the left, Tiffany wears another hair accessory, but this one isn’t quite so bad. The lacy black bunny ears are cute and festive, although they may have looked better in a less distracting color. Tiffany’s messy hairstyle was a poor decision on the stylist’s part — perfectly styled hair would have fit the Barbie doll theme much better.

This next photo has Tiffany’s hair looking more brown than red, which could have been intentional or a trick of the light. The browner hue fits the photo shoot a little better, not standing out garishly amid all the pink. Her outfit in this picture is hard to critique, seeing as she’s sitting in a wheelbarrow. If it weren’t for the sunhat, she’d look like a prom queen. The sunhat and wheelbarrow were an interesting touch to the photo shoot, adding an earthy touch to the otherwise materialistic atmosphere. The photo on the left has party balloons attached to Tiffany’s head and strange cuffs worn on her wrists. The cuffs only look more strange with the fuchsia-colored watch.

Kneeling in pink tissue paper with tiny wedding cakes surrounding her, Tiffany’s pose in the next picture is a tiny bit more natural than the rest. Tiffany is great at many things but not modelling. Most of the photo shoot has her staring at the camera with a bemused expression. Her hair in this next photo is especially messy and her outfit is a little strange: a white lace top, belted, worn over a pink bustier and tropical-printed shorts. This outfit looks like Tiffany threw on whatever was clean after rolling out of bed. Her next outfit in the lefthand picture is better, although she’s once again wearing those weird cuffs. She looks pretty in her poofy white dress and the bright blue wedges add an interesting contrast to pinkness.

Tiffany’s next outfit also looks a little cobbled-together. Wearing a hot pink Juicy Couture swim dress over bow-printed leggings, hot pink sandals, and a purple bolero, Tiffany looks truly like a Barbie doll dressed up by a little girl. The last picture is more bizarre-looking, largely due to Tiffany’s lack of pants and obviously Photoshopped legs. It’s cute how the cookie necklaces matches the cookies she’s seemingly going to eat but the absence of a frilly dress causes this outfit to look especially strange next to the others.

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