Now many of you might disagree, but I love Miss A’s performance outfits. Perhaps this stems from my love for Miss A or how Miss A carries themselves when onstage, but I always think they look fabulous. They look classy, despite the short hemlines, and always sexy, confident, and feminine. Their outfits are cohesive but not matchy-matchy. They’ll share a color scheme but you’ll see one girl in a skirt and another in shorts. I personally like individuality in stage outfits and so even though their outfits will have tacky details sometimes, I still like them.

I may or may not be the only person in the world that loved the bandage dresses they wore for “Touch.” Nude, slitted, and skin-tight, the dresses were sexy and right at home on Miss A. On anyone else they might’ve looked a little trampy or strange, but the nude dresses combined with the dark hair and makeup instead made Miss A look like their usual classy selves. They wore a variety of skimpy, leg-revealing clothing during their “Touch” promotions — gracefully I might add. The outfits shared a color scheme and maybe a little lace here and there but not much else. They all wore different shirts and pants, making outfits better suited to their personalities. Suzy often wore skirts, as always, and Jia could frequently be seen in bolder, edgier outfits.

So there are times when their clothing will have ugly detail — extra little bits of fabric, unneeded embellishments, weird pintucks, and the like. You can see examples of this in the left-hand picture. Still, I like their outfits. They’re sexy and look great on Miss A. I like the outfits on the right even more, however. The lacy black mini-dresses look so classy on Miss A.

Other favorites include the lacy, feminine dresses they wore to one performance. They’re soft, demure, and very pretty. They’re not entirely like their other performance outfits, being more flirty than sexy. The outfits on the left are very similar to those above. The print on Fei’s dress is the same, I believe. These outfits are extremely lacy and girly — Jia’s shirt is covered in flower, Min wears a frothy-looking skirt, and Suzy has this cute little lacy outfit complete with lacy shorts. These outfits show another reason why I like Miss A’s stage outfits: they’re simple. You could wear one of these outfits on a regular day. They’re not overly flashy or costumey, but normal.

Miss A’s “Touch” outfits weren’t my only favorites. I quite like the outfits they wore for previous promotions as well. Like their “Touch” outfits, they follow the same basic pattern: a color scheme, simplicity, and individualized outfits. They occasionally wear tights, which add extra sass to their look. I don’t really care for the length of Suzy’s pants in the second photo but I like how their look is more sleek and sporty. Once again, I appreciate the simplicity of the outfits. No feathers, no overdoses of sequins, no nauseatingly bright, neon colors, no odd makeup or hairstyles. Just Miss A being the classy women they’ve always been.

Do you like Miss A’s stage outfits?