It was another action-packed week in K-pop as Supernova was “Stupid in Love,” Se7en hoped to get some “Love Again” from Japanese fans, the K-pop Stars got to perform with some of their fave idols in the semi-finals, Phantom put Yuna Kim on “Ice,” Girl’s Day found religion in their comeback, 5tion took it “Deep Slow,” Noel makes a comeback by “Leaving,” Taemin apologizes for being so pretty–but he can’t help it because he was born that way, Jun Ji-hyun graced the pages of ELLE Korea as a  beautiful bride, U-Kiss plans to have an “Amazing” comeback with Doradora, Sunny Hill makes a fairy tale comeback, and SNSD will have its first sub-unit promotions with TaeTiSeo–will the K-pop world ever be the same again after this?  As always, if you’re not caught up with your K-pop addictions take the blue pill and desist, for if you take the red pill you get to see how deep this K-pop hole goes and spoilers will most definitely ensue.  The following are the 5 Things in K-pop that happened last week that I think were a bit more special than the rest.


5. JYP and Ga-in duet with Someone Else

K-pop’s forever idol Park Jin-young, makes a comeback with a duet with the Brown Eyed Girls‘ maknae Ga-in.  The song, “Someone Else” is a distinctly JYP tune with some great sultry vocals from Ga-in.  Love the song and MV, but am I the only one that felt a little creeped out–like JYP was messing around with his daughter-in-law?  No?  Maybe too many k-varieties for me.


4. The Joseon 4 playing ball

Loved this scene when the Rooftop Prince‘s little family is playing some b-ball.  Feelings were hurt, misunderstandings abound, and when this little family are not working together–their little tiffs are just too cute especially with Yong-sool defying Yi Gak.  You gotta love that Park-ha takes her ‘wish’ from winning by giving Yi Gak a punch to the gut for hurting her instead of letting him take the easy way out by using his black card.



3. Nell on Inkigayo The Day Before

Nell. Live. On Inkigayo. Enough said.



2. Knowing your enemy is half the battle

This clip from The King 2 Hearts was great with Jae-ha at the little session where everyone is being trained how to react during the screening of a game to him remembering watching the games with his brother which finally inspires him into figuring out what his brother’s secret password could be, claps and all.  The great thing about Jae-ha in this scene was seeing him figure out the puzzle and being savvy enough to know how to provoke his ego-maniacal foe.



1. Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight

There were two little boogie sections on K-variety shows this week that had me cracking up. The first was with Lee Dong-wook on Strong Heart were his friends get dragged up with him and Lee Jin-wook ends up being ‘assaulted’ by Boom and Jung Juri


And the second was from the opening segment of  The Go Show with Big Bang, which was K-variety gold, and ends with T.O.P. sitting in Go Hyun-jung‘s lap. It was hilarious seeing a popular actress like Go Hyun-jung being flustered like a fan girl by the boys.

Those were the 5 Things I LOVED in K-pop last week, were they yours?

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