Love is in the air at Seoulbeats!

In Korea, it is traditional for women to give chocolate to their chosen men on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th), for men to return the courtesy with candy (if they so wish) on White Day (March 14th), and for all the single people left over to sadly commiserate on Black Day (April 14th) by getting together and sharing a meal of black bean noodles, otherwise known as jajangmyun.

If you were to choose a K-pop idol to give chocolate to on Valentine’s Day, who would you pick, and why? What would your ideal date with them consist of?

Gil: I would choose Lee Minhyuk aka B-Bomb of Block B because he’s my favorite right now and I adore him and his dancing skills. He also has a smolder that makes me swoon and has a calm demeanor to balance my crazy. He would obviously accept my affections because let’s face it, who can resist this? By the way, I’m also very modest and humble to boot.

I actually love to hike and explore nature, so I’ll be dragging Minhyuk to a hiking trail with me. We would obviously break for lunch where he will be making me a delicious sandwich, and if he so desires he can make himself a sandwich too. During the hike we will enjoy the beauty of nature and terrorize unsuspecting passerbys by jumping out from random trees, then running like hell. Since my date made me a sandwich I would make him some churros. Apparently he likes them. To wrap up the night we will participate in an intense game of ‘twister’ and we all know how flexible dancers are…

Nabeela: I squealed when I read the prompt for this week! I happen to love Valentine’s Day for all the red and pink, and White Day is even better because it’s also my birthday!!

On Valentine’s Day, I’d give Junsu aka Jun.K of 2PM an enormous box of chocolates. It has to be Junsu because he won me over the first moment I saw him, and I love him so dearly for all his raw humor, his random personality, and of course, his killer passion for music. Without a doubt, Junsu would be surprised, get all giggly, and make me tell him how handsome he is over and over again, and then again once on camera so he could keep it in his phone. (He apparently doesn’t get compliments very much on his looks. Such a shame.) For our date, we’d go to the amusement park and ride all the rides and eat carnival food like cotton candy and hot dogs and caramel corn. He’d try to prove his masculinity in skill games and, eventually, win me an enormous teddy bear that he carries on his back for me as we walk around. Then at the very end, he buys me the whole bundle of balloons at the balloon cart and sings for me as we stuff everything into the back of his car and drive home, holding hands the whole way.

Justin: I guess because I’m a dude, I would have to wait until March to be all lovey dovey and stuff, but if I were to choose a K-pop idol for Valentine’s Day, it would be Gu Hye Sun because she seems very down to earth while having this timeless beauty that many take for granted. I also like Gu Hye Sun because she’s very talented as an actress, composer, and director, and has a lot of depth to her that I would like to know more about. For our date I would just keep it simple and have dinner and champagne. Afterwards I would go to a cozy lounge just to talk. It’s kind of lame I guess, but I love simplicity, and I think people sometimes forget that it is the simple things that bring and keep people together.

But since we live in the real world…jajangmyun party! Oh yeah.

Natalie: You guys are heartless. I can’t believe you’re making my choose only one of my husbands.

Well, fine, I guess I should go with Myungsoo. I’ve been feeling a lot of love for G-Dragon lately but Myungsoo’s closer to me in age. Why do I love Myungsoo? I think it has to do with his persona, L, reminding me of the cool, aloof anime bad boys I adored as a tweenager (back when I was into anime). It doesn’t hurt that he plays guitar (not a special talent but sexy nonetheless) and has a great smolder. And he can sing and dance. I like his mannerisms, his weird facial expressions, his smolder, his smirk, his persona as L, his band, his smolder, his guitar playing, how his stage name is the same as that guy’s in Death Note, his nunchuck abilities, his smolder, and his pokerfaceuuuu. All in all, I’m quite glad that I added him to my collection of husbands.

As for our date, I’d drag him to the amusement park. We’d eat disgustingly delicious carnival food, go on rides, take pictures of passerbyes, terrorize children, go see shows, goof around. Since he’s not in the public eye, he’d be more easy-going and not so concerned with being the ice prince. He’d laugh and act all shy as I tease him. I think he’d have an easier time on rides than me. We’d split lunch and dinner and in between goofing around at the fair, we’d go off somewhere quiet to talk about whatever interests us, whether it be personal or gossip.

I could say a lot more and be more descriptive but I want to keep this as PG as possible XD .

Antonia: Oh you people kill me, it’s like choosing a favourite child…

Because I am not particularly pragmatic I’m just going to ignore the whole age gap thing and choose Shim Changmin from DBSK because it would be nice to get to know him before we get married. No, really, he comes across as quite awkward around girls, so that should balance out the possible idol ego. Also: his eyes.

For our date I would like to take him to London for the day to the art museums and some sightseeing and the Natural History Museum because he strikes me as intelligent and interested in culture, and then it gives us something to talk about over cream teas at The Ritz (you have to dress extremely well to dress there, so added chance of seeing him in a suit). Then we would go to an all-night rave and he could show me some of those moves he picked up from “Before U Go”, and plus, the poor man looks like he needs to let his hair down a bit. Nobody knows who he is where I live, so if he wanted to dance on tables or chase cows that would be fine. Somewhere in there I’ll sneak in a romantic dinner, even if it is pizza (he likes pizza!) at the train station.

Fannie: Since my ultimate ideal type, Se7en, is already a taken man (and I’m not heartless enough to break apart the beautiful relationship he’s had for the past 10 years with the lovely Park Han-byul), I have decided instead to bequeath my homemade chocolate to Jonghyun of CN Blue. I tend to be attracted to guys that I think are hidden gems — insanely talented but under the radar — and to me, Jonghyun is the ultimate hidden gem of K-pop. Not only does he have a gorgeous voice that makes my heart flutter like crazy, but he also happens to be an extremely gifted guitarist and composer (more talented than Yonghwa on both these fronts, IMHO). His gentle yet mischievous personality is also another factor that draws me in. Oh, and to top it all off, he’s handsome.

I like low-key, casual dates (and I suspect that he does, too), so my ideal evening would involve inviting him over to my place for a cooking date. I think that cooking together in the kitchen is a very intimate and fun bonding experience, regardless of the end result… and you know that they say: food is the key to a man’s heart. After dinner, we will relocate to the sofa by the fireplace where we can cuddle and hold deep conversations that range many topics with a glass of wine in hand. Eventually I’d start to get drowsy and fall asleep in his arms… and wake up the next morning to discover…

… What?!?? It was all just a dream?!??

Looks like jajangmyun this year for me…..sob….

Gaya: Well, there is only once choice for me: Choi Minho. It was love at first sight when I saw him in that “Gee” MV, and I fit his description of his dream girl to a tee: I’m older, I love wearing dresses, I have waist-length hair, I have a pure heart (when I’m not on tumblr),and my skin is light… on sunburnability because of all the melanin in it. Yeah.

My ultimate ideal date would be a day at a test cricket match– if he can make it through the day, he’s a keeper. If he wants to come back the next day, I’m taking him straight to the marriage registrar. But there don’t seem to be any test matches on for a while, so I guess my ideal date would be a cherry blossom viewing — but they only happen in April; dammit. Okay then, a day at Hogwarts — the theme park to be exact. I know Minho’s familiar with the series (which is good, because I refuse to marry a non-Potter fan), so he and I can totally spaz out over all the cool stuff, guzzle all the butterbeer we want, and I can even teach him “Save Ginny Weasley” so that we can sing it while we wait in line for the forbidden journey ride, annoying all the muggles in the process. And at the end of the date, he’d give me a snitch, as a physical metaphor for his heart. Awww.

Antonia: Actually, Minho is a rather good choice; he’s so competitive it would have to be the best date ever, and you would have to be the happiest girl in the world. You couldn’t get me his autograph while you’re there, could you?

Justin: Minho doesn’t have a personality though…

Antonia: He does! He’s…competitive. And tall. And good with kids! He’s really good with kids, and he is actually quite funny in a very deadpan way. He’s friends with Changmin and Kyuhyun…and hasn’t someone mentioned before that makes him cool by association? (I’m drowning here Gaya, come on! Fight for your man!)

Natalie: I like Minho, but he reminds me of the Socially Awkward Penguin meme.

Subi: Antonia, don’t feel the need to justify your bias. Especially from someone who picked Gu Jun Pyo’s lover for a date. It’s called a bias for a reason.

Johnelle: Awww, Justin just got Subi’d for the first time.

Ree: I am laughing my head off at these responses. Some of you guys need to get boyfriends.

Recent events have made me realise that I’m the kind of person who just cannot make friends easily. In fact, I actually just noticed that when it comes to getting along with someone, I need to feel at least equal or superior to them or else I just become really shy and awkward. I become more comfortable when it’s someone I can tease and laugh at, basically. And I think this is pretty much reflected in my male biases. Fannie said she tends to bias people who she considers “hidden gems.” I realised that although I take a lot of things to account when choosing biases (mostly irrational things), pretty much all my favourite biases are losers. And I don’t mean loser in the sense “‘aaw, [insert idol] you loser ” — I mean, genuinely losers. As in they try so hard (be it singing, dancing, variety, relevancy) but fail, they’re awkward, they’re pretty much like outliers. I mean ‘loser’ in the sense that when you really think about it, it’s almost depressing. That being said, in my opinion, the biggest loser in all of K-pop is Yesung from Super Junior. So I’m going to take a guess and say that after Kevin (whom I love, but isn’t exactly Valentine’s Day material), if I were to meet any of my biases in real life, I’d probably get along with Yesung the best.

As for the ideal date, I like casual dates that don’t feel like a date. I think that the knowledge that this is a date would just make both of us try way too hard and be uncomfortable. So I’d probably just make a day for activities. We’d go bowling and probably make a record for most gutterballs and become so desperate that we start using the side-walls. Afterwards we’d probably have a dance battle on DDR, non-stop until one of us is injured. And to finish of the day we’d have an epic game of laser tag, where we’d run around shooting little children. Basically I’d love anything that’s just casual fun and games — unless it’s karaoke because that would be so unfair and kill the mood.

Keep in mind, in my ideal date Yesung isn’t almost thirty, and instead our age gap is… reasonable.

Dana: Despite the fact that I’m fairly sure he wouldn’t return my affections, I’d totally give a fabulous of chocolates to Jo Kwon (my apologies in advance to Ga-in!). Despite the absurd level of ridiculousness that Kkab Kwon’s antics often achieve, I think it would be wildly hilarious to spend a cheese-tastic Valentine’s Day with him. Like Nabeela, I think we’d have the most fun at an amusement park (oh hey, maybe we could double date!), but I somehow don’t really envision him winning me a giant teddy bear by virtue of his outstanding masculinity. Maybe he could win it in a dance contest instead? I imagine the date ending with some good ol’ fashioned Korean-style street food and sharing an enormous helping of ice cream. And ever the gentlemen, he would of course walk me home and give me a kiss on the hand.

Maddie: Although my ultimate bias is Taeyang, I wouldn’t feel comfortable meeting him much less be faced with the opportunity to give him Valentine’s Day sweets. This is mainly due to the fact that I’m afraid of being disillusioned. So, considering that I’d run in the opposite direction if I ever were to meet him, my K-pop Valentine would be JYJ’s Micky Yoochun since (in my mind) he’d be more approachable. Also, I think his English is absolutely adorable, he has a warm and pleasant smile, seems to have a great sense of humor and, lastly, he has those ever admired “Superior Genes”.

My anticipated reaction would be a nice, polite “Thank you” maybe followed by a shy but cute laugh. I wouldn’t really expect much else from him. If he should choose to return the courtesy on White Day and ask me out (ha, this is so funny), then we’d probably go out to dinner at a quiet restaurant, preferably Korean, and get to know each other a bit better. Afterwards, a nice walk around the neighboring area before taking me home and wishing me “Goodnight” like the gentleman I’m sure he is.

Patricia: Antonia and Gaya, y’all should consider yourselves lucky that I’ve recently had a change of heart because I would’ve come after you guys for taking my two ultimate K-pop boy-toys, Changmin and Minho. Granted, I collect K-pop biases like Eunhyuk collects cars, but I’ve come to the oh-so-important realization that AJ from U-Kiss is my ideal type. He loves music, he’s tall, he’s handsome in that lovably dorky kind of way…and did I mention he almost attended Columbia University? Don’t deny our R-squared-pi, yo.

I wouldn’t even date him. I would bring him to America and marry him on the spot. Case closed.

(Call me, AJ!)

Subi: If you have been reading this site for any amount of time, everyone and anyone should know who my bias is and why he is my bias.

As February 14th slowly but surely approaches, the world of Korean entertainment prepares to completely and absolutely take advantage of all the love in the air. The music shows have followed suit, having specifically prepared for a special shows of their respective music shows for Valentine’s Day, shows that will include the greatest acts in all of the Korean music industry. But of all the three channels set to broadcast Valentine Day specials, Music Bank has received the most anticipation and the most enthusiasm from audiences. Why? Because Music Bank has prepared a series of special stages where and when idols will be “coupled” and perform duets.

Subi, from the premiere girl group of Korea, Seoulbeats, has been paired with Yunho, from the premiere boy group of Korea, Dong Bang Shin Ki. Having been a fan of the Dong Bang Shin Ki as well as Yunho specifically, Subi was excited for the opportunity to create a professional and perhaps even personal relationship with Yunho. Unfortunately, however, because of his packed, high-profile schedule, Yunho always came late and left early. Whenever he did stick around however, he always remained aloof, seeking and deciding to engage with other idols. While this made Subi sad, she kept her spirits up. Little did she know what was secretly building and growing within Yunho’s heart.

Alas, it is finally Valentine’s Day in South Korea and the show begins! The show goes smoothly and it is finally time for the stage featuring Yunho and Subi. They walk out onto the stage and take their places, but not before Yunho shares a smile of encouragement which Subi receives gladly. The lights dim, the notes begin unfolding, and the crowd goes wild. The song is “Honey Funny Bunny” and the concept revolves around the cat and mouse game between a powerful male and a powerful female. As rehearsed, Yunho, a suave, smooth bachelor attempts to seduce a sassy, feisty Subi as she evades his advances. As rehearsed, Yunho tries to steal kisses as Subi cheekily gives him pieces of chocolate instead. As rehearsed, they partner dance during the chorus, but with their backs to each other, in order to evoke that despite their attraction to one another, this pair of lovers are clearly not on the same page.

But unlike the rehearsals, something is different and both Yunho and Subi sense it. As the song progresses and winds down, Yunho’s character has managed to genuinely approach Subi and Subi’s character has managed to let her guard down as they partner dance face to face. And as the song comes to an end, Subi is filled with satisfaction, relief, and yet, a small sense of sadness. She wishes for all the things that hadn’t happened, to have told him that she was a big fan, to have told him that she appreciates his hard work and effort, to have let him know that she wishes him well. It is the last couple seconds of the song and as choreographed, they are dancing away together. But then, Subi feels Yunho grab her and swing her away, only to be brought back in a burning, passionate kiss. And while the crowd, the producers, and their respect companies go wild, for their respective and different reasons, all she can hear are the beats of their hearts and the feel of their blossoming love.

Patricia: You win, Subi. You win.