With the Wonder Girls recent successful comeback in Korea, it seems that one particular member of the group is in high demand.  Yoobin has had a number of solo shoots in the last few months, having appeared in magazine spreads for Singles, Dazed and Confused, and now the latest issue of 1st Look features the rapper in different looks from some of the industry’s hottest designers.  Let’s see how Yoobin measures up against the models of these top labels.

First, Yoobin is seen in a sheer top and iris print skirt, both from the 2011 Fall collection from Givenchy.  The runway model is seen wearing the same skirt, but a different, similar top.  While technically Y00bin’s outfit is better, this look is an overall loser for both her and the model.

Next up, a floral bodysuit and matching jacket from Prada’s new Spring line is given a fitting retro treatment on Yoobin with her mod sunglasses.  Her sleek hair and inspired accessories make her an easy winner over the runway look.

In a colorful empire mini-dress from Christopher Kane, both Yoobin and the model show different flavors of the same look.  The Wonder Girls member wears the black version and gives off a sexy vibe, while the model in white gives off a sweeter feel. This earns the ladies a tie.  They even have identical hairstyles!

This lightning bolt dress and black cardigan are pieces from Miu Miu’s current collection.  Whereas the model is standing tall and full of confidence, Yoobin looks demure.  Even though the accessories are better in Yoobin’s case, the dress itself isn’t flattering, making her midsection appear wider than it is.  The longer legs of the model help to elongate her silhouette so she doesn’t suffer the same fate and walks away with the win.

Finally, Yoobin sports a lace and pinstriped top as well as a blazer from Dolce & Gabbana’s recent Fall line.  The model wears the same top sans jacket, but with matching pinstripe pants.  Even though Yoobin seems to have traded pants for lacy tights, the sleeker look still wins over the model’s baggy styling.

Which outfit do you think Yoobin wore best?  Which outfits stood out more on the models?

(1st Look, Style)