Debuting on January 5th, 2012 new funk boy band Chaos made their foray into the Korean pop industry with their song “She is Coming.” After the 36177483243749 groups (I counted) which debuted in 2011, I thought I would be turned off the rookie groups for a while. But I when learned about this group, debuting under Winning Insight Entertainment, the same company which produced the Piggy Dolls  and I knew I had to watch them. So in the wee hours in the morning, I watched their debut music video and that was the beginning of my love for this group. Never have I been able to memorize all their names and identify the members as quickly as I did with this group.


It is without a doubt that these boys have excellent vocals, and their live performances are phenomenal. The song itself is rock and roll fused with a little bit of funk, and the wolf howl at the beginning was a nice touch. Although the rap in the middle by Hyunsun seemed awkward and misplaced, what I particularly like about the song is that it is evenly distributed among the boys so that I don’t hear too much of one member. Since all the boys have the vocal prowess to carry this song (the “Oh Sexy Lady” part sung by Duhwan and Park Taeyang’s trill made me swoon), there is no need to focus on just one or two members.

Leading up to this music video were four teasers, the last one featuring the members themselves. The teaser had Dongmin looking like a monk, Hyunsun looking like a car mechanic, and Park Taeyang looking like a bad boy with his leather jacket, so I was expecting some dark set, and I thought the boys would be in that lumber yard for the music video. Instead, we got the dreaded generic white room that apparently all K-pop companies have access to and must use.  I admit, I thought that the song and MV were the most perfect thing ever the first time I watched it, but in my defense it was two in the morning, and my brain doesn’t function at that hour as well as it should. However, when I watched the music video again after a good night’s sleep I couldn’t help but realize how much the music video didn’t fit within itself, and quite honestly, it disappointed me.

So here we have the boys dancing in a white background with colourful ensembles and they’re acting cute. Mind you — it’s not the over the top aegyo that some boy bands exude, but it’s still trying to be cute, which does not fit with the general manly vibe of the song. And the lumber scene I was expecting? Less than a minute long.  What I would have liked to see was that 57 second lumber yard scene be expanded to the whole three minutes. While I like the colorful outfits against the white background, their darker ensembles were unnecessary and the solo shots with the dark background did not add anything to the song. Winning Insight Entertainment has great talent in their company, but doesn’t know quite how to market it.  As an example, we need not look any further than the Piggy Dolls, who all have fantastic voices, but debuted with a horrible concept (that they later contradicted) that left us all feeling just a bit perplexed.

Regardless of their concept inconsistencies, these boys have definite potential. I love how their debut song was a relatively unique one (as far as K-pop goes) and their strong voices are definitely their asset. Winning Insight needs to learn from their mistakes with the Piggy Dolls and figure out how to market these boys well. Hopefully by their next song the company gets their shiz together and put out a fantastic album with a good consistent image. They also need to make sure Hyunsun doesn’t rap; I know he’s assigned the role of rapper but he’s better off being a singer.

What are your thoughts on this rookie group? What can they improve or are they perfect as they are? Leave your comments below.