This weeks’s WTF Moment is brought to you by Bang Yong Guk and Zelo’s Never Give Up. I went in expecting one thing and came out with something else. For me this really threw me off because I watched Yong Guk’s I Remember and I loved it. So I was excited for this mv to come out…and I got this.

High School Musical with Koreans. The similarities are eery, I am half expecting Zac Efron to jump out of nowhere with some jazz hands and basketballs. Go watch “What Time Is It?” and you will see it.  Bang Yong Guk’s voice is deep, manly and sexy so when paired with a really happy song like this it was kind of jarring. He has a low voice and it is so odd pairing it with happy upbeat music.

Not only are there random b-boyers and cheerleaders(imported from New York) there is an invisible gospel. Gospel and rapping? I admire your innovative style but tone down on the gospel, it’s out of place.  This music video is just a bunch of elements thrown together and rather inconsistent. Here we are going from happy and cheery to suddenly hardcore. That is something that annoys me in K-pop is how music videos have parts that have no relation to each other.

I am split about the lyrics. I love the first half, which is a slap to the face of the Korea’s current education system with endless studying and hours of tuition.  As a student inflicted with senioritis this song resonated with me, until the boys start singing about girls. WTF?  I know there’s this girl who Zelo likes (you can do better hon) in the music video but the focus of the song(I thought) was about pursuing your dreams. How did romancing a girl come into the equation?

I also want to beat some sense into the stylists whoever picked out Bang Yong Guk and Zelo’s clothes. It’s like a rainbow threw up on them. You thought SHinee’s pastel pants were bad?  Think again.

On a side note. Zelo is ridiculously pretty. Thank you for the hit to my self esteem.  His curly hair really irks me but when his bleach blonde locks are straightened? Damn that boy is fine. Wait, come again, Zelo is 15? Oh cruel cruel world.