From the classic Christmas songs we grew up with to their covers sung by popular artists, Christmas is the only holiday with its own endless playlist of annual renditions and new musical compostions. It’s a season filled with music and, with SM Town’s The Warmest Gift, K-pop’s made its own contribution this year. So, if the thought of a comfy, cosy sleigh ride with Changmin and Yunho has you spinning around like a diamond filled with emotion why not also get inspired by SM’s fashionable idols?

The Dress:

Plaid may be a difficult pattern to wear without looking like a lumberjack or your Grandpa. Yet, with their cinched waistlines and leg bearing skirt hems, SNSD’s Tiffany and f(x)’s Victoria Song look very feminine in what would be considered a masculine fabric. Influenced by the trenchcoat, a dress defining the waistline like JK2’s plaid dress ($40)  will give you that hourglass silhouette that is admired in Korea. The dress may be designed to fit snug around your torso or a studded belt may be buckled to rest just beneath your bustline like Victoria’s, or right above your hips like Tiffany’s. The studs will add a bit of an edge to the overall look keeping it modern.

The Shoe:

Since the high skirt length is meant to show off the legs and the plaid pattern is the focal point of the outfit, refrain from wearing any dark, solid or printed stockings. Instead, choose a tall shafted boot like Smoothie’s tie-back over-the-knee boot ($72) which will protect from the cold while leaving just enough skin exposed. If style trumps shielding you legs from the cold, look for an ankle boot like Floy Shoes’ faux leather platform ankle boot ($98). Whether ankle or over-the-knee, look for a shoe with subtle detail like a ribbon tie accent or button design.

The Accessory:

A girly headband, with a bow detail like Moonbase’s soft green headband ($15), will also keep the outfit from looking too masculine. Match the color of the headband depending on how many and which are present in the plaid design. The bright green of Victoria’s pops, bringing most of the attention to the headpiece which works considering the plaid of her dress isn’t as elaborate as Tiffany’s. With very complex patterns, choose one color that isn’t as prevelant as the others, or even a black headband will do.




A ring will also add charming detail to the outfit. Choose one with an intricate design like Moonbase’s rhinestone engraved ring ($12). Its overlapping leaf-like design is reminiscent of a pine cones found on evergreens or the leaves of shrubs like mistletoe. A piece with subtle detail will keep the look from looking too holiday themed.

You may not actually be snuggling between Changmin and Yunho on your ride over to the Christmas family gathering but at least you’ll be looking the part, right?

Hope you’ve enjoyed our second installment. Stay-tuned for tomorrow’s look book influenced by Céci’s Snow Goddess Shin Se-Kyung!

Happy Holidays,


(Yesstyle, SMTOWN)