Inspired by the moon and all its cosmic powers, Tiffany Young returns with the dazzling digital single “Magnetic Moon”. A fusion of pop and disco sound, the Girls Generation member experiments with her sound and visuals for this release.

Since leaving SM, she has turned her energy towards the US and brought another pop digital single entirely in English to further mark her name on an international scale. Her last comeback in February this year was with EP “Lips on Lips”, which entered number 9 on the Billboard Heatseekers album charts, setting her on a healthy start in a wider stage.

“Magnetic Moon” is a mid-tempo, electro meets disco track with a modern pop essence to it. Tiffany spoke on how she is constantly inspired by the moon and the stars and wanted to capture that in her latest track. Looking closely at the MV, it comprises of what feels like an endless number of sets, looks, and interpretation of the moon, and of course, we are not complaining!

The MV is darker in setting in comparison to “Lips on Lips” or “Runaway”. Nonetheless, Tiffany — and the moon — glimmers bright in the centre of every shot showcasing an array of glamorous outfits. The various MV looks and accentuated silhouettes against the moonlight clearly reflect the glam diva theme to the track. Tiffany is a vision in an haute couture black ensemble, a sultry burlesque look, a disco-inspired silver bodice, and the list goes on. The SNSD member worked closely with designer Kim He-kim on the MV giving off a multitude of visuals of Tiffany to last fans long to past her next release.

Though the MV doesn’t have a direct storyline, it is generous in beautifully subtle lighting, giving an effect of the stars and moonlighting that illuminate Tiffany’s glitzy outfits and showcasing her magnetism. Each shot captivates the audience with the help of camera angles zooming in and out of Tiffany’s profile. Holding the audiences’ gaze and demanding their eyes to stay fixated on the sensuality she exudes. In a very Tiffany fashion, she is flirtatious and bold in her performance.

The singer-songwriter was reportedly very active in all aspects of the single — from music production, songwriting, to the MV concept itself. With a team of notable writers, Tiffany collaborated with producer Fernando Garibay who has famously worked with global superstars — the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. There is no doubt his mark is evident in this diva-esque production of the single. Listening to the track, its reminiscent of a Britney Spears, Lana del Rey and a hint of Lady Gaga aura.

The song speaks of wild desires pulling lovers together with the aid of a magnetic moon effect. The lyrics to the two verses are not necessarily sophisticated in any way, but the song is catchy and well held together by the chorus. One thing to note about this single was how heavily autotuned and unrecognisable Tiffany’s voice is. Hearing the song in passing without the MV it’s hard to distinguish it from any other western artist.

When looking at “Lips on Lips” in comparison, the track is vocally layered and showcases more range and technique. “Magnetic Moon”, on the other hand, seems to lean into the vibe of the track regardless of vocal ranges and techniques. The track is less vocally taxing and reliant on the mood of the autotuned singing against the track.

On the one hand, for an artist trying to experiment and break into a wider category than K-pop, the sound is understandable. On the other hand, it will be difficult to single it out in between such dense competition of similar sounds.

Released on her 30th birthday, “Magnetic Moon” will be followed by another solo US tour late October of this year. Supported by the rest of Girl’s Generation members, Tiffany propels herself further in the Western music scene.

“Magnetic Moon” is theatrical, visually stunning and diva-esque in all the right ways. A solid venture into something different yet in keeping to her essence. As pop songs go, the track is full of vibrations that will ring in your memory all day.

(Youtube. Images via Transparent Arts. Billboard.)