I had a couple of WTF moments this week, from SHinee’s weird cyborg photo shoot to Junsu’s Intoxication. But this photoshoot took the cake.

WHAT THE EFF KOREA.I was watching the uber awkward Chocolat video when I saw the pictures of  Chocolat’s Tia with Ji Hyun Woo (currently in A Thousand Kisses and Mr. Idol).  Although SHinee and Teen Top were bad with the “appeal-to-the-pedos”, this is something else. I saw these photos before and thought “Hmm, Ji Hyun Woo looks hot as usual and she looks kinda of young, but eh maybe she’s legal.” Oh how wrong I was.  Chocolat has two fourteen year olds, Tia and Melanie, with the latter being the maknae of the group. The same age Taemin was when he debuted. Then those pictures showed up on the screen of the interview and I almost fell out of the chair.

What, what, what are you doing, Ji Hyun Woo? Let me tell you something fellow Seoulbeats readers, Hyun Woo is 27. Yep, he’s almost double her age. What is he doing making kissy faces at a fourteen year old? I would love to know and so would Child Protective Services. Although Hyun Woo is not doing anything to her that would cause it to be illegal, but the pictures and the poses are intimate, and completely inappropriate. Did I mention she is fourteen? A lot of netizens are saying “So what, she looks mature and they aren’t doing anything” Whoop-de-doo, she may not look like it in these shots but you can not ignore that glaring age gap. Well my little brother is only a couple months younger than her, and if he was trapezing around with some 27 year old noona at a photo shoot, shit’s going down. It makes me question their company, Paramount Music for even allowing this.

Did I mention to fail that Tia is in fact ONLY fourteen. Not Seventeen, not eighteen,  FOURTEEN.

Korea what is up with you and your jailbait?