Secret recently took part in a photo shoot that showcased a variety of different styles for the quartet.  “Secret of the Black” was the decided theme of the pictorial, and so all of the looks were shot against a background of heavy black drapes.  This is where the similarities end for the three sets of outfits, however.
The best representation of the theme saw the group clad mostly in black, with some gold accents and animal prints included.  Hyosung’s jacket and leather shorts are a great combination in contrast with Jieun’s.  The flowing, asymmetrical-hemmed skirt looks a little strange when paired with the faux fur hoodie.  Sunhwa’s dress is simple yet dazzling, and Zinger is wearing some awesome fur-trimmed boots.
Next, the girls were seen in neutral hues that were very feminine and anything but black.  Jieun looks fit for a fall date in her ruffled getup.  The fedora and knee-high boots tie in well, while balancing out the soft look, keeping it from being too cutesy.  While the individual pieces that are involved in Sunhwa’s outfit are great, together they are one big mess.  She looks very much like a little girl playing dress up in her mom’s closet.  Hyosung’s suede wedge’s with ankle straps and Zinger’s flirty organza skirt are two other standouts from this set.
Finally, the members were given the opportunity to show off their own personalities by picking their own items to be featured in the shoot.  This led to a very interesting shot, that seemed to have no cohesion at all, but accomplished the goal of showing Secret as individuals.  Sunhwa shows a luxurious image in a deep blue gathered mini-dress paired with black fur coat.  Hyosung looks young and fresh with her star covered skirt, bow-tie ring and red cardigan; Jieun looks ready for a night clubbing in her dress and knee high boots.  Zinger was the most interesting, in a floor length skirt in soft white combined with a sleek leather jacket.  Maybe she is trying to show fans that she is tough, but sweet?  Whatever the intent, it is not the rapper’s best look.What do you think of “Secret of the Black”?

(Wstar, BNT News)