Whether or not you join us from the US or celebrate Thanksgiving, there is always a time to share what you’re thankful for.  The staff here at Seoulbeats would like to take this time to share with you all what we are thankful for in K-pop.

We are thankful for…


  • BEG Ga-in‘s eyeliner
  • Sohee‘s shoes from the “Alice in Wonderland” shoot
  • and the existence of Lee Seung-gi… and his voice.


  • Jun.K because although he has a laughable name, his voice is so sexy I could die and I love him death. I actually cried once listening to him perform live
  • CL and Bom and Minzy and what the hell even Dara. Love 2NE1 and am so thankful for their music
  • Lastly, T.O.P. and his dimples


  • INFINITE they’re such adorablefaces, make awesome music and MVs, and never fail to impress me with their live performances. They’re the group I kept holding out for.
  • SHINee‘s Jonghyun. Everyone needs a sexy little man with an outsize attitude and voice in their life.


  • Discovering INFINITE because they’re really adorable and I could stare at Myungsoo all day. I find Sungyeol‘s gangliness really charming for some reason
  • That many of the guys in K-pop (Taemin, Myungsoo, Sungyeol) are barely older than me, so I can squeal over them and not be a “pedo-noona.”
  • Sooyoung‘s sense of humor, because it’s a lot like my own…


  • BEG’s Sixth Sense Album. Incredible vocals, actual instruments and even a symphony inspired track! Just love this group
  • Taeyang’s incredible dance precision. I still watch his “Where you at?” MV just for the choreography
  • SNSD’s Dior Snow Campaign. Love, love, love designer brightening products!
  • CL’s audacious fashion style. Remember that C*nt sweater? OMG!
  • Miss A’s Jia and her pink/carrot orange hair color.
  • KARA’s glowing skin and natural makeup look


  • That K-pop has tried more so than ever to expand globally this year. I know we always bitch about how they’re overstretching themselves and going about it the wrong way, but if they hadn’t put forth the effort, I would never have been able to have seen some of my favorite artists live in concert, so soon
  • I’m also thankful that JYP let the Wonder Girls go back to Korea to promote again this year, even if it was just for one month. And I’m thankful that they were able to release an album that showcased true maturity and growth, and to prove to everyone that all their effort and time spent away from home was well worth it
  • Tablo for coming back from his ordeal to share his music with us again. And YG for never failing to stand by or protect his artists when tough times come around.


  • Big Bang because they are back together.  2011 is almost over and I can’t wait to see their awesomeness in 2012
  • C.N. Blue for doing so well they’re rocking Asia, but I hope they return to K-pop soon
  • BEAST because they rose above the title of “reject idols” and are blazing to the top of the K-pop ranks
  • KARA for resolving their problems so that we didn’t have to go through another K-pop break-up
  • INFINITE for being legit from their debut because it helps to raise the standards for K-pop
  • T-ara and all their Roly Poly goodness, because even though their concepts are sometimes suspect they still rock their stage
  • Great K-dramas that make me laugh, cry, and lose a lot of sleep
  • K-varieties and the laughter, fun, and insight they have, and especially for Yoo Jae-suk for bringing the funny and for proving that nice guys sometimes finish first
  • And most of all, K-pop, despite the plastics and idiosyncrasies, it’s entertaining as hell


  • SM Town in NYC for making me reconsider SHINee as a boy-group
  • Protect the Boss for making me take Jaejoong seriously — scratch that, making me be Jaejoong biased for life!
  • Horrendous K-pop group concepts (ex: Chocolat, Piggy Dolls, MYNAME, etc.) that debuted this year to serve as comic relief


  • The amazingness of Lee Min-ho and Jung Il-woo, for keeping my year full of intense, tear-filled stares, while shouting with every particle in their body, while every single hair remains perfectly side swept and pama’ed on their pretty little heads.

And Ree is basically thankful for everything that happened in K-pop.  Check out her list below!


  • HoMin and JYJ could actually make music this year and that all five members are at least still active and making music
  • Big Bang have yet to implode and that G-Dragon didn’t get charged, Daesung somehow found solace, and that Taeyang, Seungri, and even T.O.P remain solid
  • Nine, soon to be eight members of Super Junior who are still here, and are keeping the fire alive by performing. I’m thankful that their SS4 is the most ridiculous thing since ever.
  • SNSD that they are still the 9 gorgeous girls since their debut. I’m grateful that their Japanese debut wasn’t as horrible as other ones. 
  • Brown Eyed Girls finally made a comeback
  • B2ST and Wonder Girls blew everyone out of the water. I’m glad they’re both getting their dues for working so hard. I’m thankful that INFINITE won their first music show.
  • MBLAQ are finally getting good material
  • 2PM are still the uptempo dudes they once were
  • KARA are still together after so much drama and that none of them decided to sue
  • Bekah finally broke away and found contentment.  I’m thankful that its been another year and Kahi is still in After School.
  • And …that puberty hasn’t seemed to hit Taemin too hard. I don’t think I could handle such drama.

What are you most thankful for?  And Happy Turkey Day!