Happy Gobble Gobble Day!

This week, Subi and I discuss:

  • T-ara‘s comeback (0:40)
  • DBSK as influences? (7:38)
  • Famous people and courtesy (8:40)
  • The infamous “but he/she improved!” argument (10:06)
  • J-pop vs. K-pop (15:44)
  • K-pop in Japan (21:54)
  • If I were an idol… (30:20)
  • BoA‘s career (34:29)
  • Subi’s ideal K-pop group (37:03)


Download the podcast here.

Shouts this week goes to Lubrro for guessing all the songs from last week’s chat box. Songs shouldn’t be that hard this week — guess away!

As always, check out our past podcasts here. And we do read your comments so let us know what you want us to talk about next time.

Have a great holiday, and until next time…!