Lacoste, the French apparel company, made K-pop headlines this past September when it was announced that they had entered into a “Friendship Contract” with Hallyu superstars DBSK.  While the so-called “friendship contract” is not an exclusive modeling contract, it is intended to heighten brand awareness in Asia by having the duo wear the brand in numerous photo shoots as well as in their daily lives.  Ever since, the two men and a tiny alligator have been nearly inseparable.  From attending fashion shows in NYC to strutting their stuff in airport terminals, Changmin and Yunho have been the perfect poster boys for this high-end brand.  While attending a show in New York during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the pair could be seen in black on black looks from the label.  Changmin wore a classic polo from the L!VE line, with a scarf peeking out of his popped collar; Yunho looked sophisticated in a simple black dress shirt from the Club line.  Both wore simple black slacks, and surprisingly enough, white shoes, to compliment the looks.

While in NYC, they took part in a photo shoot that showcased the singers’ more casual side.  The shoot showed DBSK in a wide range of looks from the company, one of which saw Yunho dressing the part of a skater in an alligator tee from the Robert George line topped off with an ultra-slim buffalo checked shirt and a chunky rib beanie.  Changmin sported a more preppy ensemble, with a three-stripe pullover sweater and a Street Balance backpack slung over one shoulder.  Since the intent of the “friendship contract” was also to show the members wearing Lacoste in real life too, not just photo shoots, the two have been incorporating the brand into their airport fashion as well.  Last October, on the way to SMTOWN NYC, the duo looked flawless once again.  Changmin wore a simple round-neck, red sweater over a striped dress shirt, and Yunho looked effortlessly chic in jacket from Robert George.

Most recently, 1st Look Magazine featured a new photo shoot featuring the pair decked out in their favorite reptile once again.  Yunho’s brown pea coat covers a simple green cardigan and white button down combo.  The bow tie adds a playful charm to match the mood of the photo.  He also wears Lacoste’s Chadwick shoes.  Changmin’s logo sweater is layered over a long-sleeved polo which is completed by a wool, toggle-button coat hanging from his head.

While DBSK looks undeniably fashionable in pretty much anything they wear with an alligator on it, and a “friendship contract” with a label that is recognized worldwide is always a good thing, after time the overall effect is coming off as bland very one-dimensional.  How many more polo and sweater filled photo shoots will be on the way?  The repetitiveness has taken away any unique qualities that they showed fashion-wise, and left us fashion critics with very few of the missteps we thrive on.  How do you feel about Lacoste and DBSK being fashion besties?

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