You know how you can both love and hate something at the same time? Yeah, that’s the only explanation I have for my feelings of anticipation and dread for Orange Caramel’s new mini-album. However, the fact that Super Junior’s Heechul penned the lyrics for their single “Shanghai Love”, just tips it over into ecstatic.

Sometimes something is just so over-the-top ridiculous that you have to give the person or people involved props for pulling it off. In the beginning, I felt sorry for the girls; the ridiculous outfits made me cringe, and Raina’s vocal talent was just being wasted.

But then I had to admit to myself that in some silly, childish way, the whole concept was fun. The fact that they are literally working their way through a musical homage to every major country in Asia is impressive, in it’s own way – though I’ll say I’m more interested in their on-stage get-up than the actual songs. Judging by the pictures for ‘Shanghai Love’, it’s disappointingly demure (but cute).  And don’t think I’m not seeing the irony at their comeback being in October. It’s actually genius, this group is tailor-made for Halloween.

I keep making excuses for them, so I’ll come out and admit that as much as they make me cringe, and probably stand musically for everything I’m against, they’re fun and I look forward to every single they promote. You can’t say that about many idols or idol groups these days.