I scream, you scream, give me that, give me that ice cream! Ah, sweets: the kryptonite of many a diet, but oh so good. K-pop doesn’t shy away from exploring the world of sugary substances; whether it’s ice cream, lollipops, chocolate, or cake. Dominated by the females, with a sprinkle of males, deliciousness abounds. Of course, these songs tend to be about love or sex, but who doesn’t love a explicit track disguised at dietary innocence?

Enjoy this mixtape of just a few of K-pop’s more delictable treats, from Red Velvet — whose name already reminds you of the delicious chocolate concoction, to Mamamoo and Wheesung‘s minty fresh duet!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.

What’s your favorite sweet track and what others one should be including on a list of sweet tooth satisfaction?