Dear Girl’s Day,

I’m afraid that this is a break-up letter. No, no this isn’t your fault. You see, I’ve always had a predilection for rooting for the underdog; Secret had too much talent to languish in rookie hell, though they had to play cute to get any respect. At least you guys have the overdone aegyo laid out on the table, but I ignored it because heck, it suits you.

Well, except for the oddity that is ‘Nothing Lasts Up Forever.’ You displayed pleasant vocals, impressive choreography, and most importantly,naturally engaging stage personas with loads of charisma. Unfortunately, this gained you no attention whatsoever, and I regret to admit I was foolish enough to look over you as well.

But then came ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and most of the K-pop claptrap that would usually keep me away – baby voices, juvenile choreography and cheesy lyrics – felt like it was done with a a wink and a smile and I fell for it. The school girl outfits and frilly underwear were more than a little disturbing, but I chalked it up to concept, and eagerly awaited for what you had in store next.

Which was more of the same. Accept this time I was not sure you were in on the joke. Listen, I do not blame you girls one bit for staying on this continuing train ride to success. I was but only one of your ever-growing fan base, but I heard your latest digital single and decided to cut the cord for good.

Like I said, I’m not blaming you for anything – I was only lying to myself. I figured you were set to evolve into a different group, but you are what you are and are growing successful at it. Regardless my soft spot for you remains and I still believe Girl’s Day is a talented group. All I know is if you guys are indeed going to Japan you should be some major competition for KARA. Lord knows they exceeded my expectations. Godspeed and may your careers survive the K-pop battlefield.