It may be the effects of the calm before the comeback storm, but for now, I have no qualms about last week’s Mutizen winner.  Heck, I actually care about last week’s Mutizen winner for once!

After Super Junior exhausted their wins and Sistar picked up the scraps, Davichi’s impressive single ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’ rose up the charts. I know many people don’t put much stock in the K-charts (unless their chosen artist is doingwell) but they are often a reliable barometer of popularity. Davichi was always successful in their own right, but I won’t lie that I feel a self-satisfactory smugness as they are being bowed to by their dongsaengs.

I admit I’m surprised they haven’t been steamrolled by KARA or U-KISS as of yet but perhaps I’m rushing things a bit.

As Megan mentioned, perhaps a new era is upon us; K-pop will always be K-pop,but you can only take so many years of a gimmick before something better, or more popular or more appealing comes along – even if that gimmick has lasted decades. But true talent lasts longer than that and has the advantage of a low embarrassment factor (no lollipops here, thank goodness).

In addition, the diversity is good for Korean music’s image. It is hard enough to justify your tastes to people or recruit new listeners when you have groups like Super Junior, Kara, U-Kiss and the likes running around. Most fans of Korean music are aware that the genre extends way beyond what is presented on the music shows, but for many who are only exposed to the dominant media and its Japanese exports, it can make it appear awfully one-note.

Davichi is but one Korean act out of many that deserves a Mutizen. I’ll enjoy the victory while it lasts,but even if they don’t win another “award” I’ll count their current chart-topping success as a win.