My love-hate relationship with Rain just elevated to a whole new level with his recent release of poorly photoshopped Sailor Moon picture and his digital single “Busan Woman”.

I love the fact that Rain was able to show us that Sailor Moon can still look decent with shrimp eyes.  In fact, shrimp eyed Sailor Moon is incredibly adorable and who would’ve thought that shrimped eye sailor moon is even possible without Rain’s amateur photoshop skills?

Despite the cute image, I’m not digging his latest track “Busan Woman”.  I get that he just slapped something together last minute as “fan service” for his last tour before heading off to the army, but c’mon dude.   Not that I expected a stellar track from Rain to begin with, but this track is just bleh.  The lyrics are sweet, especially because its written with his fans in mind, but the music is mediocre at best.

And don’t even get me started on the MV.  Again, it’s something he slapped together last minute with his concert footage.   I’m sure that the fans will eat it up and perhaps this is why he’s only performing the track at his concert — Rain already knows that any other K-pop listener would not appreciate this track as much as the Clouds.  Then again, is it even possible for Rain to upset the Clouds?  He can take a picture of his toes and the Clouds would go wild over his fungus free toes (speculation here – he may well have fungus that we don’t know about).

I wonder how long my love-hate relationship with Rain will continue.  Hopefully his going to the army will put this tiring relationship to rest. Until then, check out Rain’s “Busan Woman” MV below.