This week’s 5 Things is the “Fast and Furious” edition.  ‘Fast’ because I still have two dramas to watch (You’ve Fallen For Me & Protect the Boss) and ‘Furious’ because I can’t seem to type as fast as I’d like: Going Public, Things that make you go Squeee, A new Prayer, the Scent of a Woman, and We Got Married… with children.  These are the 5 Things that happened in Kpop last week that I think were a little bit more special than the rest.


Going Public

In You’ve Fallen For Me, the campus’ new power couple goes public after Shin gets tired of trying to sneak time together with Kyu-won and getting blocked at every move from the clueless Bo-woon who either has the best or worst timing in the world.  The outing at the park where they practice the ending song on their tablet an smart phone was a nice nod to the wonders of modern technology and Shin’s declaration of his feelings for Kyu-won at Catharsis in front of the world would make any girl swoon. My favorite bit of last week’s episodes would have to be Shin and Kyu-won’s date at the art exhibit the day after the big reveal.

I’m logging this one down as one of the best dates in Kdrama history, anyone else with me on this?

Bad news for fans of YFFM, instead or adding a special or an extra episode to make up for the disruption of episodes due to Park Shin-hye‘s car accident, MBC decided to cut the kdrama down to only 15 episodes, making next week its last week. Boooo.

Things that make you go Squeee!

What is it about the Pepero Game that turns everyone back into a squee-ing 13 year old?  On the last episode of Happy Together Season 3, the boys of 2PM, UEE and Lizzy of After School, Dal Shabet‘s Su-bin and Ah-young, and comedienne Oh Na-mi were the guests.  They end up playing the Pepero Game as couples and oh, how the squee-ing begins right from the start when Chansung vies for UEE’s affections after she mentioned that she wanted to get to know him better.

Lizzy and Junsu were surprisingly brazen in the game, Taec got rejected three times, and Oh Na-mi thought she hit the jackpot when her bias Nichkhun came out to get picked by her and they took first place (hmmm, I wonder if Khun has been practicing with Victoria?), but she ended up paying for it in the pronunciation game where she got soaked for Khun’s mispronunciations.


A new Prayer

Sunny Hill gets a little sick and twisted in the new MV for their follow up track to “Midnight Circus,” “Pray.”  The song is awesome with strong haunting vocals and great instrumentation.  The MV is dark and mirrors the somberness of the song with a story line based around a badly deformed person similar to the elephant man.  Whether the man’s deformity is an act of nature or a scientific experimentation gone wrong is not known, but his life is similar to that of a lab animal as he is kept locked away and has things done to him.  Check out the slightly disturbing MV, which has already been banned by some Korean broadcasting stations.


 And yeah, those were pieces of the dude in the specimen jars at the end, gross.  Just goes to show that not all ugly people are evil, and not all pretty people are good.


The Scent of A Woman

I started watching Scent of a Woman on a whim because it had the one fatal Kdrama flaw I can’t handle- the cancer patient that is gonna die.  I hate sad kdramas- too much crying, but this drama is a little different as we know from the get-go that Lee Yeon-jae has cancer and only six months to live.  What follows is an eventful roller coaster of living as Yeon-jae finds herself and embraces what life she has left after finding out she is going to die.  I LOVE Kim Sun-ah‘s portrayal of Yeon-jae who decides to no longer take crap from anyone and gets her groove back.  Kim Sun-ah and Lee Dong-wook sizzle as the lead couple, check out their chemistry as they take lessons in learning the ‘dance of seduction.’

I also love Kim Kwang-gyu as the mild mannered Yoon Bong-gil at work, but the masterful Ramses on the dance floor.  Lee Dong-wook also got a new fan in me and I’m sure not complaining about his gratuitous shower scenes- who knew that bod was under those clothes?

We Got Married … with children

I haven’t watched We Got Married in a while, but I enjoyed watching Nichkhun and Victoria‘s latest episode.  In it they make some homemade kimchi and take some when they go to visit Korean hip hop’s royal couple, Tiger JK and Tasha.  They have a nice visit talking, playing with the couple’s son Jordan, and eating some lunch before Tiger JK and Tasha mysteriously disappear and Khun gets a phone call.  They get served a surprise double whammy of a mission: not only do they have to babysit the rambunctious Jordan while his parents enjoy a nice date, they also have to think of something to do with him to make a memorable experience.  Hmmm, not so easy with a three year old.

I have faith in Khuntoria, do you?

It’s nice to see Tiger JK and Tasha out in Kvariety land and rumor is we’ll see more of them as they just filmed a hip hop special for Running Man along with Simon D and the freshly released from the military Dynamic Duo.

Those were the 5 Things I LOVED in Kpop last week, were they yours?