That’s a lie. I know how I feel about “I Don’t Know“.

  • If this is a song about a lover, why are YOU TWO staring at each other?
  • The pendulums are pretty cool. Even if they are digital.
  • Changmin does 0:51 ALL the time. Get a new Changminism.
  • Yunho is my bias but Changmin is pretty distracting.
  • Is it me or did their Japanese pronunciation get worse?
  • Yunho, I love you but please shut up. No one wants to hear your high, squeaky voice.
  • The dancing is good but not anything I can remember.

Whether you love DBSK or hate DBSK, most people can admit that they’re a talented group of men. And though this isn’t a bad song by any means, “I Don’t Know” doesn’t meet their signature DBSK standard. The vocal processing is more distracting than aesthetic, the dancing is commendable but forgettable, and the entire MV looks like it took a curt two minutes in the creative processor. If any other group were to come out with this, it probably would have been fine. But I don’t expect “fine” from DBSK. Even if they’re missing three members, I still expect much more from them.