The summer is getting hotter and so are things in Kpop: the end of Lies and it heats up in the City, Infinity Song challenge, a first kiss, Running in Thailand, and a Battle of the Bands.  These are the 5 Things that happened in Kpop last week that I think were a little bit more special than the rest.


The end of Lies and it heats up in the City

It wasn’t perfect, but the lead couple’s chemistry more than made up for it. Kang Ji-hwan has got a new fan and I think that Yoon Eun-hye‘s role as Gong Ah-jung has to be one of my favorite roles that she has played.  Was just informed that Yoon Eun-hye was in Hawaii for the past few days- maybe on vacation after filming or for a photo shoot.

City Hunter just hit the critical point in the story line with a lot of the secrets being revealed (ahjusshi’s relation to Nana, Yoon-sung learns psycho dad stole him from his mom and she now thinks he’s dead) and only 6 more episodes left after this week.  I’m totally on the Lee Min-ho bandwagon now, his portrayal of the conflicted City Hunter Lee Yoon-Sung, has got to be his best acting performance as of yet.  A lot of people have been critical of Park Min-young‘s performance as Kim Nana and maybe a better actress could have brought more to the role, but I’m happy with Park Min-young.  As long as the drama keeps me entertained I’m happy- I’m easy like that.  I thought that this scene where Yoon-sung helps Nana wash her hair was too cute.

Girls, I do NOT recommend getting yourself shot though to get your man to wash your hair.  I love how Yoon-sung outsmarts psycho dad every once in a while and is able to carry out the revenge his way.

Too bad that he can’t outfox him every time though, with last week’s cliffhanger ending with psycho dad making my heart skip a beat.


Infinity Song challenge

It’s showtime as the Infinity Challenge members and their partners revealed the final product at the West Coast Expressway Song Festival. I thought that they all had great performances with Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Juck going disco, Park Myung-su and G-Dragon bringing the swagger, Jung Jun-ha and Sweet Sorrow harmonizing sweetly, Noh Hong-cheol and PSY rocked the house in sequins, Jung Hyung-don and Jung Jae-hyung went romantic, HaHa and 10CM kind of disappointed me, and Gil and Bada sang a beautiful love song.

Here are my favorite performances: Park Myung-Su and G-Dragon with “I’m Having an Affair” with a special appearance by Park Bom.

and Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Juck channeling the 90s (70s?)with”Apgujeong Gangster.”


A first kiss

After getting interrupted by Amber last week with what Nuchkhun called “timing daebak,”  the Wedding Pictures adventure continues for Khuntoria.  The duo continued their “Spiderman” kiss shoot and finally, we have contact.  I’d call it more of a first peck on the lips instead of a kiss, but it was still sweet.

Nichkhun just might be the most perfect man as he sets up an event during their picture taking to give Victoria the ring he bought her which was very sparkly.  Although Victoria was happy, she wasn’t quite moved enough to bring about tears that the photographer wanted for the scene, but never fear- Khun had a bottle of fake tears on hand.


Running in Thailand

Thailand showed the cast of Running Man lots of love when the show ventured there for its 50th episode.  The cast was joined by actress Kim Min-jung and the Thai prince himself Nichkhun.  The funniest bit was when the teams had to find some foreign tourists to help them in a game of charades.  Haha, Gary, and Song Ji-hyo had to find a couple that new of Kpop songs and went to extremes to get their find to help them, but it was the second pair of tourists (I think they went through three couples) that tried helping Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jong-kook, and Kim Min-jung that came up with the best answer… ever.

Ah, is that where 2PM came up with their thumbs up move?  I had no idea.  Luckily for HaHa and Gary, their efforts did not go unwarranted as their two ladies correctly guessed all their clues in time and in HaHa  piggy-backed the girl back to her foot massage.  I don’t quite get why they didn’t just get her sandal from the massage place to begin with, but I guess it wouldn’t have been as fun to watch (or as painful for HaHa and Gary).  Nichkhun’s family also participated in a mission and we got to see some of his family in variety action.  Part two in Thailand will air next week


Battle of the Bands

You’ve Fallen for me also known as Festival or Heartstrings began this week featuring Jung Yong-hwa as the cold lead singer of  The Stupid, Lee Shin and Park Shin-hye as the gayageum playing Lee Gyu-won. Fate happens and the two become at odds with one another which leads to a Contemporary music vs. Traditional music throw down.  It’s a battle of the bands as the boys of The Stupid take on the girls of Windflower.

What?!  What happened to the show must go on?  I thought a professional musician would keep playing- it’s only one string there were lots more.  I guess it would not have been as dramtic or wouldn’t have fit the story line of her having to become his slave for a month for losing if she had kept on playing minus one string- that’s kdramas for you.

I also loved this touching scene of Lee Shin playing guitar with his dying father-who he’s not supposed to know is his father-but he does-whose life was ruled\ruined by his love for the guitar.

Hopefully, in the show Lee Shin can find the balance between guitar and life that his father wasn’t able to.  Their little jam session turned into this beautiful song which triggered something in Gyu-won, oh yeah.  Ah, I am such a sucker for a boy with a guitar, I can already feel the Kdrama fever catching on for this one.

Those were the 5 things that I LOVED in Kpop last week, were they yours?