The track contains an interesting take and some interesting advice for a man that gets played. Does the MV? Well…

  • Starting off an MV with fast vehicles never wins brownie points with me.
  • The fast paced action framed by the sad ballad is a nice touch.
  • Lee Chae Young has definitely looked better.
  • My desperate attempts to ignore the terrible fighting have failed. Ugh.
  • Why are you guys fighting each other and letting the girl go scott free?
  • Where did that car, that guy, and that girl come from?
Though the song’s track isn’t terribly original, like I said before, it does provide a unique perspective and some unique advice for a man that gets played. I can definitely respect that. But the MV? It’s filled with cliches and absurdities that doesn’t do the song justice. In fact, it takes away from the freshness presented by the track.
It’s still safe to say that Homme produces good music. But good MVs? I think the jury is still out on that one.