After School recently announced that they would begin activities as sub units, A.S. Blue and A.S. Red.  After much speculation regarding the sub-unit’s line up, the line up has been announced.  The A.S. Blue unit includes, Jooyeon, Raina, Lizzy, and E-Young.  A.S. Red includes membersKahi, JungahUee, and Nana.

A.S. Blue will feature a cute, sweet concept. Though this might not be what After School is known for, but this is popular concept throughout KPOP. Though this group does possess talent and popularity, they’re the obvious under dogs in this situation.

A.S. Red will feature a powerful, sexy concept, which is the core of After School’s concept and image. On top of that, A.S. features Kahi and Jungah, the majority of After School’s talent, and Uee, the majority of After School’s popularity.

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