Warning: the following is not news or objectively important.

Just in case anyone is wondering however, the article to which this photo attached had something to do with the rookie (pictured on the right)’s positive experiences with DBSK‘s Yunho. But what I found significant more interesting about this article is the picture of Yunho.

DBSK’s Yunho was given the position of leader over oldest member Kim Jaejoong for a reason. On interviews, variety shows, and everything in between, he has a composed, elegant, and well put together image. However, during performances and the like, he turns into a feisty, charismatic, Crash Bandicoot. This photo captures this person more than any other photo I have EVER seen of the idol.

The aviators, the open mouth, the hand posture (is it even possible to snarl someone’s hand like that?), the tan, and the overall pose–if I ever brought him home, I feel like my parents would chastity belt me. Because here, he looks like he could be wing man-ing The Situation.

And I know I’ve made him seem irrelevant in the post thus far, but the rookie, B1A4‘s BARO, photoshopped next to Yunho makes the photo even better. Yunho’s doing whatever he’s doing and BARO is doing what I feel like anyone would do, should they encounter this in real life: look confused and pray that it ended quickly.

We all have our biases; mine is undeniably and wholeheartedly Jung Yunho. I’ve never heard of BARO before this article so I can’t say much. The photo is plain awesome and I think a good deal of it’s humor stems from the dual nature of Yunho’s character. At least as far as I perceive.

Does anyone else feel the same way? Is Yunho the perfect son Kdrama stock character? Or is he hitting up Karma and fist pumping the night away? Hopefully, it’s the former…