Or the alternative- I heard it’s really hot down there, so you’ll need your bathing suits guys.

Let’s see how this industrialized, developed,  democracy plans to protect the children from Kpop this month:

Mimi Sisters’ “Mimimimimimimimi”,C’est Si B on Friends’ “One Glass of Memory” – slang and alcohol references.

Rookie group Block B’s single “Freeze!”-  lyrics  “expressed unwholesome dating methods.”

Four songs from Soul Dive’s latest mini-album “Bad Habits”

J-Tong’s “Poo”

Eluphant’s “Superstar” – tracks contain slang and sexually suggestive expressions in their lyrics.

All songs require the buyer to be nineteen or older, and most of them have been shunted to late-night radio airplay.


Look, I’m not going to throw stones – there’s been a movement (particularly by the Parents Television Council) to ban Rhianna’s new music video ‘Man Down’, which depicts her shooting her rapist (which is also in the lyrics). Big difference here, is instead of being shutdown from public consumption completely, Rhianna and her MV crew have been reveling in the controversy, and well, most of us are familiar with her own very public domestic abuse history.

In fact, I bet Korean TV would sooner run this song and video than publicize any of the unique artists above. Yes ‘Man Down’ is in English, but you don’t need a foreign translation for shooting a man dead.

We’ve seen the commission slam down the ban hammer on many a Kpop group for “suggestive” lyrics and choreography but it appears they often want to spare the punishment for those whose voices are rarely heard to begin with.

Maybe these acts can embrace the “controversy” with more listeners than before. I didn’t know Mimi Sisters before, but buy me a blond wig, I’m standing in line!