At Big Bang‘s May 14th Love & Hope Concert at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe in Japan this is what happened when fans were calling for an encore.

What exactly happened in the words of the uploader erikachyan

After BB finished their perf, the crowd started clapping and chanting for encore as usual. But then one section of the audience started singing, then it caught on and spread throughout the whole crowd….. I kind of got goosebumps and started tearing up it was a beautiful moment to hear everyone come together like that TT____TT

I can understand the concerns that fans had about Big Bang going to the Tsunami ravaged Japan which is still recovering from the many problems it suffered that fateful day, but after hearing this I think that Big Bang made the right decision.  This little tribute by Japanese Big Bang fans singing the chorus of “My Heaven” was touching and I think you could really feel their gratefulness to the band for still coming to Japan. I found the English translation of the chorus that the fans were singing:

I want to see you, I want to see you
I’m waiting for you by that sea
My feelings for you
Whether it’s the morning, the afternoon, or the evening
I want to see you, you are my heaven

Ah, goosebumps.  For a couple of hours at the Makuhari Messe it was heaven on Earth for Big Bang fans as the Love & Hope Concert gave them a couple hours of solace to forget all their troubles and enjoy the performance of one of their favorite bands.  I can only imagine what the boys of Big Bang felt after hearing this.

Thanks to @Efeezy_ for the tip.