Miss Ripley, is the new drama starring Lee Da Hae playing curator Jang Mi Ri. The story is very loosely based on the real life scandal of Shin Jung Ah, who forged her credentials from Yale and the University of Kansas, as well as embezzled money from the Sungkok Art Museum of which she was curator. The drama changes names and adds a dramatic love diamond but the web of lies stays the same. Hence the title, Miss Ripley, a nod to the Patricia Highsmith novel and Anthony Minghella film that followed, The Talented Mr. Ripley, about a man who lied about who he was to get ahead in the world until he was left with nothing.

In terms of the casting choices, usually, I would not be very happy that Yoochun, formerly of DBSK and currently of JYJ, was in a drama but considering the lack of air time he and the other JYJ members are getting as a direct result of SM’s bribery and influence I’m glad to see he’s doing anything. Still, Yoochun is not a very strong actor. I’m hoping he has improved since his early days of acting but considering the dramatic path this drama is going down, I’m not sure he’ll be able to keep up even if it has.

Especially next to heavy weight, Kim Seung Woo–who is always great to watch–last seen in IRIS and Athena. Kang Hye Jung also stars.

Miss Ripley started off to great ratings, it’s first episode ranking 3rd with 11.3% of the national viewership in their timeslot. I don’t know if I can indulge in a dramatic drama with a couple of questionable leads but the story is compelling so, readers, give me a sneak preview, is it worth the watch?

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