Oh, SHINee: wearer of skinny jeans and killer of noonas. Remember when they first debuted in 2008, back in the days when Taemin looked kinda creepy, Key was still a good singer, and Jonghyun was a midget? While Jonghyun doesn’t seem to have grown much taller, the boys in SHINee have grown up considerably in the three years since their debut. But it looks like SHINee has readopted their original youthful, fresh-faced attitudes for their upcoming debut in Japan. However, they’ve given it a more mature twist through the Japanese remake of their debut single, “Replay.” The PV for “Replay” (featuring SNSD‘s Yoona…yeah, totally saw that one coming) was released just a few minutes ago. Check it out below:

Right off the bat, I’ve got some questions.

-Why are parts of the members’ outfits composed of terry cloth? I admittedly know very little about fashion, but isn’t it generally accepted for terry cloth to remain on towels, bathrobes, and plush toys…and not on Jonghyun’s weird vest-thing?

-Speaking of weird vest-things, why do all of their outfits look like they’re trying too hard? Arguably, most everything in K-pop can be accused of try-hardism, but there are wings on Taemin’s sneakers. Taemin is not Hermes. Save the Greek god reference for someone else. (DBSK, perhaps? Oh ho ho ho.)

Minho, I know you’re the face of the group and – judge me if you will, but you are honestly one of the most attractive people I’ve seen, ever. So why, nay, how, did they possibly make you look so hideous here?

-Key, I know you’re supposed to be haplessly in love with Yoona in this video, but for some reason you’re coming off more as her sassy gay friend than her actual love interest. Maybe that’s just the way you are. If so, I accept that. But it sure seems like management has been forcibly feminizing your image lately, and I don’t like it.

-According to the members, the video is supposed to be about how all five boys are in love with the same girl. And yet, they’re still super chummy about it. For heaven’s sake, there is a full-on kumbaya at the end of the video, with Jonghyun on guitar and everything. Where’s the competition, fellas? Where are the chest-thumping man-arguments, the intense, angry glares into each other’s eyes? Where are the bar fights? You gotta make this a little more believable for us, guys.

-Taemin has effectively replaced half of Jonghyun’s lines and has taken the center spot in the group’s standing order. Let the drama ensue.

Onew is perfect, as always.

-And of course, more flo-mo. Twice.

I’m a big SHINee fan, so I’m obviously excited that they’re releasing semi-new material, but a part of being a fan is poking fun of the ridiculous things they put out, right? It’s a cute PV – how could it not be cute – but if Jonghyun can wash windows with as big of a cheese-face as the one he sports at 2:43, then it’s probably safe to assume that SHINee’s probably chuckling at this video as well. All in good humor, of course.

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