Girl, you were known as being the sexiest member of SNSD. With your dark hair, your irresistible curves, and your seductive appeal, men wanted you and women wanted to be you.

But recently their have been some changes. You’ve lost a good deal of weight and you have also dyed your hair. It’s not like you changed the entire landscape of Yuri as we know her, but there are changes. And as someone whose career depends on public opinion, take my advice: dye your hair back and eat some of the chicken I see you and the rest of SNSD selling.

Of all the girls of SNSD, you were the one who maintained your natural, dark locks. And it suited you well. Your dark hair had the shine of a galaxy and made your ivory toned skin sparkle. Now with your “possum blond” hair, as I like to call it, not only does your hair look fried and unhealthy, it also makes your skin look dusty and cakey.

And your weight, don’t even get me started. See this photo? I know people have called you curvy before but look at you! You’re not even that curvy to begin with. If you want to see a REAL curvy woman, look at Beyonce or Shakira. You look pretty flat and skinny to me. But hey, that’s just me and my Western perspective. I suppose for a Korean woman, I’ve seen flatter and skinnier.

But you wanted to lose a few pounds. First of all, why? Regardless of your ethnicity, there are factors like height and bone structure that determine a healthy weight and you seem  to be at that threshold. If anything, you should gain weight, not lose. But you did it anyway. What good has loosing weight done? Do you look better? Do you feel better? I don’t know about the answer to the latter but to the former two questions, the answer is definitely negatory. Your jaws look gaunt which is never a sexy look and you can’t fill out your black suit in the “Mr. Taxi” PV. Speaking of the “Mr. Taxi” PV, your attempts to be sexy with your new body are almost comical. Your body just doesn’t have the pop and the seductive sway it once did. So when I’m looking at you at 2:29, I feel as awkward as I did when I saw Sulli doing Hyuna‘s “Change” dance.

And I’m not the only one. Fans miss the old Yuri and as great as it is to try something new, this look clearly isn’t working. Not only does it not look good, but I’m sure it doesn’t feel great either. Bleaching your hair and dieting your body is so much fun, right? Not really.

Give us the Yuri that makes me clutch my black hair with pride. Give us the Yuri that makes me blush during the Cabi MV. Give us the Yuri that is not only good to her fans, but is also good to herself.