Yeah, I don’t get it either.


WM Entertainment’s attempt at creating the next boy version of 2NE1 is really a major facepalm-inducing failure. I mean, what the heck is a Be-One-A-Four?!!


But, they are RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE, I’ll give them that.


Here’s the photo 4-1-1 on the newbie boy group B1A4 (the skinny on these skinny boys, if you will):


Okay, am I reading too far into this acronym/KPOP naming FAIL or should there be another ‘1’ after the ‘4’?!! Why couldn’t they have just been called Cute Kids?! Or Noona Killers?!! Seriously though- I want to hang their maknae Gongchan from my cell phone as a charm.

Two interesting things to note about the group (and further discussion of their awful name):

1) They are the first KPOP idol group to be introduced to the world via webtoon:

and 2) the name also has to do with the fact that 4 members have A-type blood and one member has B-type blood. Ahh Asians and their blood-typing. If anyone cares, I’m O positive!