I’m baaaaack! April has greeted us with some uncharacteristic snowfall out here in the American northeast, but it looks like our favorite K-pop idols are really heating it up on this week’s MuBank!

(Too cheesy? Yeah, I thought so too. Ahem.)

Good, good show today. I usually only recap the ‘popular’ idol groups, but the solo artists really killed it today. Definitely recommend. Now, without further ado….

“Twinkle Twinkle” – Girls’ Day – Anything reminiscent of 80’s jazzercise isn’t gonna work for me. Sorry. *shrug* And that goes for you too, spazzy cameraman.

“Bangkok City” – Orange Caramel – I don’t love the song, but I do appreciate the fact that the members are finally showing off their vocal talent (somewhat) and are not dressed for Halloween or a cosplay convention.

“Paparazzi” – Kan Mi-yeon – I thought I was beginning to like this song, but she’s been promoting this for as long as I can remember. The MCs are running out of funny gags. Last week on Music Core, Onew dressed up like an ahjumma. It’s a sign.

“Everyday” – U-Kiss – Still butthurt over Kibum and Xander; need a few months to accept the two nugus into the group.

“0330” – U-Kiss – Oh wait, the nugus can actually sing. And this is probably the first U-Kiss song I have actually liked. ‘Kay, we’re cool.

“Crazy” – Song Ji-eun – Love, as always.

“Uppercut” – Insooni feat. DY – Better than all your oppas and unnies combined. Seriously. The woman is older than my father and kills it every. Single. Time.

“La Vida Loca” – Clover – I was already a big Eun Ji-won fan previous to this formation of this group. I appreciate.

“Here I Am” – ZE:A – Sorry, dudes. Not impressed yet. It’s not a bad song, but the vocals are lacking.

“My Heart Beating” – K.Will – Totally jealous of you lucky folks who will be at KMF to see this gorgeous man in concert.

“Heartsore Story” – Wheesung feat. Hoya – Shoot me for saying this, but I’ve never been a huge Wheesung fan. Meh. But Hoya~~~~

“Intuition” – CNBLUE – Their new album has been on repeat for the past week and I have been recommending it to everyone I know. No joke. Good, good stuff.

“Echo” – Kim Tae-woo – Not a huge KTW fan but love this song. LOVE.

“Before U Go” – DBSK – This song gets better and better every week. But who thought it’d be a good idea to put those glasses on Changmin?

CNBLUE wins K-Chart for the week:


Other performances from this week:

Heartbreak” – Ye-Ara

So Pain, So Sad” – Maya <—- SHE ROCKS. WATCH HER. (HQ version linked!)

Broken” – Seo In-gook

Endless Love” – J-Cera

I Smile Because Of You” – Na Yoon-kwon

Should Be You” – Yang-pa

Hurt” – Yang-pa

“My Love” – M4

Before It’s Too Late” – Kim Tae-woo