As I mentioned earlier, I am really liking (to my very own surprise) Orange Caramel‘s newly-released single “Bangkok City”! I’m enjoying their switchover from cutesy damsels of little-girls’ lore to record-spinning, club dancing, ladies of the neon boogie nights so much that I decided to pay them homage.


I love the use of  so much pink, orange and yellow for their MV–easily beating all the grey, black and white that has become my Winter (seriously Spring-where are you?!!) wardrobe as of late, that’s for sure. Here are a few ideas inspired by the ladies of Orange Caramel and their MV for “Bangkok City”:


Floral top
$15 –

Tube romper
$40 –

Twill short
$35 –

Michael Antonio platform sandal
$39 –

Sandal heels
$49 –

Fancy jewelry
$44 –

$3.99 –

Deuce Brand rubber sports watch
$20 –

A J Morgan sunglass
$25 –

Buckle belt
$32 –

Buckle belt
$32 –



And for those of us with the grey-black-white staples, here are some fun* (albeit a bit wonky) ways to style simple pieces a la Orange Caramel:


TopShop striped top
$36 –

TopShop cut out top
$40 –

TopShop floral legging
$40 –

Forrest bob
$30 –

Clo Fortuna bralet
$50 –

Strappy wedge
$30 –

Black cocktail hat
$24 –






Don’t these outfits just make you want to go out and dance the night away to KPOP hits in a loud, crowded, and black-lit club?!!


Ya, me neither. I think I’d rather stay in and watch me some Kdramas.


*Wearing a bra over your shirt, a MASSIVE bow or a WEE WITTLE top hat are not recommended for use in public. Unless, that is, you want people to point and stare. In which case, ROCK IT.