It seems like just a few days ago that I did 5 things- oh yeah, it was.  Sound Plex collabs, The Original Kkap King, Supertronic Robotics on Star King, Nuptials on Heroes, and a Running Man Traitor.  These are the 5 Things that happened in Kpop last week that I think were a little bit more special than the rest.

Sound Plex Collabs

The guests on this past week’s Mnet Sound Plex were Kim Tae-woo and Lee Hyun.  The two did a duet to “Baby Come To Me” an old school song originally done by Patti Austin and James Ingram. It was pretty awesome, my only question… who was Patti?

And, Mnet- you really need to hire someone else to do the English lyrics shown on the screen. Watching the random lyrics that come up are almost more entertaining (in a bad way) than the musical performances. Lee Hyun’s groupmates from 8eight joined him for a performance of Michael Jackson‘s “Billie Jean” and they all got together for a performance of the classic “We Are The World.” Kim Tae-woo was also a guest on Director’s Cut, Season 2 this week where he had some great jam sessions with the cast.


The Original Kkap King

I know that everyone said that before Jo Kwon there was Brian, but I’ve never quite seen him in all his glory until this latest appearance of his on 100 Out Of 100. All Hail the Queen, er King, ugh, whatever…

Ummm, Tony should NEVER try to impersonate a Diva. Next, Kim Shin-young tried her hand at taking on Brian’s divaliciousness.  An ahjumma just might stand a chance.


Supersonic Robotronic Star King

A robotics super kid brought his latest robots with him to Star King and they could break it down pretty good. Check out their performance to songs like 2PM‘s “Heartbeat” and SNSD‘s “Gee.” I’m not sure what it says about these groups’ dancing skills if a robot can do their routines fairly well…

Other guests on the show included the Piggy Dolls. I’m not sure why a debuted idol group were guests on the show instead of part of the cast, but I guess an appearance is better than none at all.


Nuptials on Heroes

The women of Heroes got all dressed up in wedding finery and had a chance to take some fantasy wedding pics with surprise celebrity grooms.  It was pretty hilarious watching the girls run for their bouquets in their wedding dresses, everyone except Seo In-young who I would say was too cool to run, but I’m guessing that she was probably wearing some 8 inch ridiculously high Kill Heels.

The girls were right to try their best because the guest celebrity grooms were DBSK. Check out the hilariousness that happens when Yunho and Changmin have to pick who they’ll take pics with.

I still don’t quite get the whole looking into  each other’s eyes and being so embarrassed thing, but it was cute.  Yoo In-na is so cute…  I think she’s my current girl crush.

A Running Man Traitor

The PD & staff of Running Man changed up the game a little this week by fooling everyone into thinking that there was a guest when in fact one of their own turned rogue on them.  Check out Yoo Jae-suk taking out Ji Suk-jin and Lee Kwang-su who were none the wiser.

I really can’t believe that no one caught on especially when Jae-suk had a couple of slip-ups, no one also noticed that he was always by the one that got out, and that he wasn’t wearing a bell.  Here’s Jae-suk taking out the last member Kim Jong-kook and winning the mission.

I like that the Running Man PD is mixing things up, although I doubt a mission like this will work again because the cast won’t be as trusting again. But, I’m beginning to think that they spend a little too much time on these missions and not enough on the rest of the show which can sometimes be kind of boring.

Those were the 5 things that I LOVED in Kpop last week, were they yours?