To get away from the Se7en days of Rain…  Ok, ok- I’m a Kpop blogger not a comedian, but I tried.  Arguably two of the most popular Kpop soloists of a few years ago, Rain and Se7en took a picture together at one of Se7en’s chicken restaurants YEOLBONG.

Several stars have visited the restaurants with many taking pics with a cut out of Se7en, but I guess when you’re a world star like Rain, you get to pose with the real thing.  The pic of the two Kpop heavies was uploaded via the restaurant’s twitter @YEOLBONG and retweeted by the boss himself @officialse7en.  The YEOLBONG mascot is so cute- I want one of their little crocheted mascots!

Looks like if you’re in the ROK and wanna see some stars, one of Se7en’s YEOLBONGs (there are two of them) is the place to be.

(NikkanSports, @YEOLBONG, @officialse7en)